With Pine Tree Power now on the ballot, we’ll soon vote on whether we want to use eminent domain to seize Central Maine Power and Versant Power at a cost of more than $10 billion, then turn around and create a whole new government agency for electricity. What’s the point of borrowing billions from Wall Street banks and spending decades trying to pay it off, just so politicians and bureaucrats fight over one more piece of our lives?

More than 1,300 of us Mainers are employed by the two companies. We work alongside electricians and engineers from Maine businesses that contract with us. Together we keep our systems running efficiently and safely so our customers’ needs are met around the clock. We’re outside repairing lines in bad weather and inside developing a more resilient grid to withstand those elements.

Pine Tree Power will risk all of this – reliability, resiliency, safety and jobs – by putting self-serving politicians in control of our electricity. I’ll be voting no to that.

Cale Dyer


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