DEAR SUN SPOTS: I sure hope you can help us. I’m not the only person steaming over our latest bills from Central Maine Power. For example, my December bill that covered  November was almost $300. Now the January bill to cover 28 days in December is $503!

I have a detached small garage that only uses electricity to open and close the overhead door and that bill went from $32 to $54. It doesn’t make any sense.

I called CMP to make payment arrangements and was told to call Electricity Maine, our supplier. CMP is our deliverer for electricity.

Why do our bills go up every month? Is there an organization planning to address these charges in the courts or somewhere else? Can the governor help? I know we are getting $450 to help with the heating, but what about the electricity? I’m  sure there will be many more homeless people in the next few months due to not being able to pay these high electricity charges. Any insight you have would be helpful and I’m really looking forward to your comments on this subject. — No name, no town

ANSWER: Information you’re seeking that explains rising electricity costs and what Gov. Janet Mills is doing about it is here:

You may be interested in learning about Our Power (, a group of Maine ratepayers, business leaders, energy experts, conservationists and others committed to putting the Pine Tree State’s energy future in the hands of Mainers. On this site you can sign a petition and learn about opportunities to help see this through.


Also go to, click on the blue bar, “See the Action Plan” and follow the steps for filing a complaint with CMP and the Maine Public Utilities Commission. There are three steps to complete, plus the names of attorneys and commissioners you can write to.

This important website has a ton of information for you and all others who are concerned about the amount of money you are paying for your electricity bill every month and you can be heard and do something about it.

It can also help to write to the governor and our state legislators to bring your personal experience to their attention. They are in office to work for us and to seek solutions to our concerns. These are concrete actions you can take. Hang in there!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need help to find a doctor who practices GC Kinetics in our local area. I’m hoping you can find information on this. — No name, no town

ANSWER: Regenerative medicine utilizes natural biologics to reduce inflammation and help injured tissues to heal and repair. It is a viable alternative to surgical procedures. The only practice I know of that is fairly close is QC Kinetix (

There are locations at 223 Durham Rd., Ste 301, in Freeport and 75 John Roberts Rd, #4C in South Portland. The number for both locations is 207-800-1452. You can call to schedule a free consultation for your pain issues, or fill in the online form.

Readers, if you know of any practitioners in the area, please let us know.

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