DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m a Latin teacher at Lewiston High School and have some students who speak Portuguese. I would like to learn some Portuguese so I can speak it with them. Are there resources, such as grammar books, that people could share with me? You can reach me at 795-6791. — Bernie Fortier, no town

ANSWER: Since you’re a Latin teacher, you’re already ahead of the game with learning Portuguese. A suggestion is to investigate some of the great apps that are available for learning different languages. They really are wonderful.

Check out this website: I can highly recommend Babble, one of the apps you can try for free. Learning from a book is fine but being able to hear the way the language is pronounced along with all the nuances of expression is so much better.

Pimsleur is another highly-rated app that can be tried free. There are several others and many of them are on sale now.

Of course, we may have some readers who can help Bernie out. If so, give him a call.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My granddaughter is a big fan of the three “High School Musical” movies. I am hoping a Sun Spots reader can help me locate the High School Musical Uno card game. I will pay a reasonable cost for it. Please call 240-2738 and a leave message. – Emily, Auburn


ANSWER: There are several offers of this game on eBay but hopefully someone local will have it and offer it to you for a good price. It may be lurking in someone’s drawer or game cabinet, unused and forgotten, but in good shape! Keep checking the thrift shops too. And let us know what happens.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the Jan. 11 Sun Spots, I am the biker, Don (age 90-plus) who has been picking up the trash at Gas Light Park for several years.

I do not believe the park was closed for vandalism (there is nothing to steal), I assume it was closed for drug activity and the mess that the users made. It gave the park a very trashy appearance, looking like it wasn’t a very safe place to enjoy.

The park is open to walk-in traffic with free parking across the street.

I want to add that the park is still being used and is a lot cleaner. There are no trash cans there so hopefully people use the “carry in-carry out” system. The park is a beautiful space with two benches and a paved walking path. It’s a great place to enjoy the Androscoggin River close up. I see older couples walking hand-in-hand and sitting on the benches to enjoy the scenery.

Unitil owns the park and citizens should be thankful that it’s available to the public. — Don, no town

ANSWER: Yay! I’m so glad our wonderful volunteer, Don, saw the Jan. 11 Sun Spots and responded in such a timely and thorough manner. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you, Don for caring for that public space.

I really hope that this will remind people to pick up after themselves wherever they are and treat these public spaces and others who use them with kindness and respect.

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