DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to look at this past Sunday’s epaper but I cannot find a location to review the previous days’ e-papers. Can you provide information on how to do this? — Tim, no town

ANSWER: Click on the menu icon of your current day’s e-paper. (The three horizontal lines on the far right of the burgundy tool bar across the top.) Next, click on Archive. The page where all the previous newspapers are is organized by month and you’ll see Sunday’s paper right there at the top. When you click on it, it will download.

Also, if you ever just want to look at certain articles or sections, not the whole e-paper, this is an example of how you would type it into your browser to get quick results:

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions like this one, go to or click on customer service for FAQS often-asked questions and their answers, or call the Sun Journal at 784-3555.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have two boxes of Pine Mountain brand fire logs (six in a box) as well as a box of Zip brand fire starters to give away. I can meet you in Topsham or Lisbon Falls. Call 504-0545 and leave a message. — No name, no town

ANSWER: The logs can be used in a fireplace or outdoor fire pit and give off two to three hours of heat and create a nice ambiance. The fire starters work great for times when you don’t have tinder and can also be used to get a charcoal grill going. I’m betting that someone will be glad to have these handy items.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m very grateful for all the research you do to help us. My question is about the relief checks we will receive. A single person gets $450. If it’s a couple living in a house, they get $450 each. They get two Social Security checks. If one dies, the person left gets $450. One Social Ssecurity check, the same house to heat and only one body in the house. Is this fair? Should it not be one check per household?  — No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Whether it seems “fair” for just one check to go to each household, rather than each tax-paying individual, doesn’t really matter. The decision was made to help many Mainers get through the winter, so let’s be grateful for that.

Gov. Mills unveiled the Emergency Winter Energy Relief Plan, a package of short-term measures aimed at ensuring that low-income and middle-income Maine people and families can stay warm, safe, and secure this winter amid near record high energy prices.

She said, “Inflation and high energy prices are stretching the wallets of Maine people, in some cases forcing them to face the impossible choice of heating their homes, putting food on the table, or paying for other necessities.

“With this plan, we hope to ease the burden on Maine people by putting money back into their pockets so they can better afford these costs and by ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens are able to stay warm this winter… ”

You can read her full statement and the reasoning behind it here:

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