DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’d like to find out if you and your readers know of any St. Valentine’s Day dances coming up. I’d really like to go to a special dance with my husband, and he would also like to take our 11-year-old daughter to a father-daughter dance if there is going to be one in the L-A area. Please let us know! — Kristen, no town

ANSWER: the 25th Father-Daughter Valentine Ball will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, at the Ramada Inn on Pleasant St. in Lewiston. It is put on by the Lewiston Public Theater and is for children ages 4 to 12. It may be sold out but go here for information and to see if there are still tickets available:

Readers, let us know about any dances happening for grown-ups!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am a senior who lives alone and after this last snowstorm, my regular person didn’t come to clear my walk, steps and driveway. Late in the evening, he called to say he had run into some trouble with his snowblower and would let me know as soon as he got it fixed, “hopefully in a day or two.” I’m glad he called because I was worried about him! I told him I understood but as I watched TV, I wondered what I would do and who I could call for help to remove all the snow. I sent up a little prayer.

I fell asleep in my recliner and at one point I heard sounds like a shovel scraping pavement and I fell back asleep, thinking that the sound was the neighbors clearing their driveway. They moved in recently and I only know them a little. They are a young couple who work long hours and get home late.

When I woke about 6 a.m., I saw that my driveway, etc. had been completely cleared, as well as the walkway and steps. When my neighbors had gotten home about 11 p.m., they noticed I still had a lot of snow. They had shoveled everything for me and there was a note in my door that said they hoped they hadn’t disturbed me too much and wanted to be sure I was OK.


Their kindness meant so much to me. Today I’m making some banana bread for them.

I’m writing this because I’m so grateful and to remind people to please check on their elder neighbors especially when there is a weather event.

My “regular person” is waiting for a part for his machine and is frustrated but will be over with his shovel, if necessary, when the next storm occurs! Meanwhile, I’ve made some new friends. — Sadie, no town

ANSWER: You are so right, Sadie. It’s important to check on one another. Sometimes we think we’re “bothering” our neighbors by knocking on the door to just ask, “Are you OK? Do you need anything?” But it could really make a difference. The couple next door may have thought something was amiss when they saw the snow piled up at your place and went above and beyond to be sure you could get out in case of an emergency. What good neighbors they are. Well done!

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