Chuck Smith of the Lewiston Public Works Department hangs a “heavy loads limited” sign on one of several roads restricting load weights ahead of thawing season.  Submitted photo

Vehicles 23,000 pounds or greater are temporarily prohibited from traveling 16 of Lewiston’s roads, city officials announced in a recent news release.

The ban started Friday and will end May 1.

Officials hope the move will curb damage to the road base and pavement while frost thaws over the next couple months, a period during which roads are most susceptible to damage from heavy weight traffic.

Portions of the following roads are now posted with orange signs detailing the weight limits: Cotton Road, Dyer Road, Ferry Road, Gayton Road, Golder Road, Grove Street, Merrill Road, No Name Pond Road, Old Greene Road, Old Webster Road, Pinewoods Road, Pond Road, Randall Road, River Road, Sleeper Road and South Lisbon Road.

“By prohibiting heavy vehicles on these roads during the spring thaw period, it dramatically reduces costly damages that would otherwise occur while our roads are the most susceptible to significant damages,” said Public Works highway equipment operator Reggie Poussard.

Emergency response vehicles, school buses, fuel delivery trucks, state and municipal highway maintenance vehicles and other authorized vehicles are exempted from the ban.

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