When I was in college in the ’70s I knew three classmates who got pregnant. As quickly as they found out, they rushed out to get an abortion.

I was supportive of them then. Today I absolutely would be 100% opposed to having an abortion or to supporting anyone who wants to.

I can’t believe how easy it was to get one, and I can’t believe the mentality and influence I was subject to that even thought this was okay to do, just because you wanted a career instead of raising a child or delaying your dreams.

Now Gov. Janet Mills has put forth legislation to expand abortion access to beyond the viability standard. (The governor’s bill would waive the current viability standard for abortions deemed medically necessary but currently prohibited.)

They can claim “medical necessity,” but who gets to decide this? For mental health reasons?

America has become a nation of easy fixes for complicated problems, and as a result many have lost their moral core. I am glad I finally found mine.

I cannot tell anyone what to do with their lives, but I can (gently and lovingly) at least ask people to think. Think about what is life, and what is valuable to them about it.

I hope people get in touch with their conscience and courage, and voice their opposition to this.

Arin Quintel, Livermore Falls

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