When I was growing up as a kid in East Auburn, down around Colby, Brown, Cornell and Princeton streets, in the summer heat we would gather on Turner Street and head north and go swimming at the outlet.

Back in those days it was known as the gatehouse, and I’m sure anyone who grew up in the ’50s and ’60s remember it well. There was a diving board, it was 12 or so feet deep, and there was never a lifeguard, but it is in fact the outlet from Lake Auburn.

So last week I took a ride through the old neighborhood, and to my surprise, right after you pass Brown Street there were two big yellow signs, one on each side of Turner Street, that stated “no outlet.”

This is after you pass Brown Street; now you are committed to going straight to the end with no way out but to turn around. And if it’s a big truck, have fun.

One would think the city of Auburn could to a better job placing the signs, like back before Colby Street, so people have a chance to turn right to get back to Center Street.

And maybe there could be signs that say “not a throughway” or “dead end” instead of “no outlet,” because for over 100 years it has indeed been the way to the outlet.

Gil Steward Auburn

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