I write in appreciation of the legislators who voted for HP 632, a resolution to express support for the people of Ukraine. This includes our local state Sen. Lisa Keim.

Though symbolic, it is recognizing Vladimir Putin as a dictator and acknowledging the war is an aggression on a country which values its freedom.

U.S. Sen. Angus King recently visited Ukraine after hearing Mainers’ concerns of the cost and caring for a country so far away. He also visited as part of his responsibilities as a member of the Armed Services Committee and on the Senate Committee on Intelligence.

Upon meeting with Ukraine’s Defense Department, he was impressed with the detail and accountability of the aid we have given, both with money and weapons.

According to a recent press release, “Senator King is recognized as a thoughtful voice on national security and foreign policy issues. Senator King has shared concerns that Putin may consider ‘greater force in Ukraine’ and condemned the attacks on Ukrainian sovereignty as ‘heinous,’ calling for a united, international effort to push back on Putin.”

I asked a Maine representative, who referred to Ukraine as corrupt, if he contacted the senator about his trip and impressions of the use of funds; he had not.

I asked my own representative about her negative vote on supporting Ukraine, and all I got was “the Ukraine issue goes deeper than it appears.”

As Sen. King is an excellent resource, legislators need to do their research — calling his office is free.

Barbara Arsenault, Mexico

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