LEWISTON — Edward Little’s singles players are a tight and talented crew driven by their confidence and enduring friendship.

The trio of freshman Calvin Vincent and seniors Jonah Chen and Lucas Pawlina are three good reasons why the Red Eddies have a shot at the KVAC championship this season.

“No pressure, but I am there to have fun,” Chen, who is heading to Trinity College to study biochemistry after high school, said. “We just have a lot of guys who are really close. It is just a fun sport to play, and I love the aspect of improving.”

Chen is at the top of Edward Little’s lineup at No. 1 singles. He counts his serve and forehand among his strengths.

“My goal is to go undefeated,” he said.

Pawlina likes the responsibility of being a lone competitor on the court.


“We are looking pretty good this year, and maybe I am thinking a state championship team is coming up,” Pawlina said. “I think we’ve got it. We all know each other pretty well. We all kind of started (playing tennis) around the same time.”

He said his strength is getting to the ball in a hurry, no matter where it lands on the court.

“I was like never a super power hitter, big serve; just more like consistency,” said Pawlina, whose goal is to win all of his regular-season matches.

Edward Little coach Greg Vincent’s son, Calvin, plays tennis, skis and runs cross country for the Red Eddies, but don’t expect a straight answer about his favorite sport.

“It depends on the season,” Calvin said. “My dad played a lot (of tennis), and I just enjoy it. I think my strength is tenacity. I would like to make the Round of 32 and the singles tournament.”

Like his teammates, Calvin’s confidence remains high as Edward Little approaches the season.


“We can all be top 30, 40 players in the state for the boys,” he said. “Lucas and Jonah have a lot of experience, and I am coming in and I think we are going to be good. Just excited (and) we are going to be good.”


Brady Kilby and Richie Roman at No. 1 doubles will also play a key role in the Red Eddies’ success, but Greg Vincent said the trio’s commitment to the sport has given them an edge on the court.

“Our top three guys, they almost play year round,” he said. “One of them (Chen), it is all he does — tennis, tennis, tennis. The other two play a couple of different sports.

“Jonah Chen is all about tennis. This is his; this what he loves. This what he does. Lucas and Calvin, our other singles players, play multiple sports, well-rounded, and they do play tennis throughout the season and throughout the year as well.”

Vincent smiles when he talks about Chen’s serve and spin on the ball.


“He is left-handed, which adds a different type of spin …” Vincent said. “He can win four or five games before the other player knows what’s happening with his spin on the ball. He hits the ball hard and he has got a big forehand and he can do anything he wants with the ball.

“So Jonah just comes out and intimidates with his pace, and his depth and big serve.”

Vincent added that Chen will be the No. 1 singles player, but Vincent hasn’t finalized the No. 2 and 3 slots.

The Edward Little coach said Pawlina’s consistency is why he often prevails on the court.

“He will run through a wall,” Vincent said. “He will track every ball down. He is going to make you play. If you are going to beat Lucas Pawlina, you are going to earn it.”

Vincent said he enjoyed teaching his son Calvin the game of tennis, knowing one day he would become a member of the Edward Little tennis team.

“(He’s) here, so he is ready to play,” Greg said. “He is kind of combination (of his two teammates). He’s got good strokes, but he’s pretty consistent so he has little bit going on of each of those players. And we’ll see what happen throughout the season, but I think wherever those guys are in the position, we are going to be tough in each of those (singles slots).”

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