What is happening in America and the rest of the world is beyond understanding.

The use of drugs and guns are everyday occurrences. The age group committing many of these crimes are juveniles to late 20s.

Some parents are too lenient when it comes to disciplining their kids. Schoolteachers fear for their lives, especially when bad grades are given to students.

Road rage used to be pointing the finger or cursing. Now, it’s looking at a gun barrel.

Kids are obsessed with smartphones. It shouldn’t be their lifeline.

Today’s technology is part of the problem, in my opinion.


We should be focusing more on American history; our ancestors never had the luxuries that we have today.

Going to the moon seems to be more important than learning how our grandparents made sacrifices.

Our career politicians pay more attention to “Big Money” than to their constituents.

A senator should not be allowed to serve more than six years. Most will argue that we can vote them out. That’s easier said than done when big money remains in politics.

The Bill of Rights reads that any form of government that becomes destructive should give the right of the people to alter a new government. Believe me, we the people need reform.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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