LEWISTON — Rinck Advertising is pleased to announce the addition of Yany Avelar, UX/UI designer. Avelar brings a wealth of design, user research, and programming experience to Rinck, having previously worked for creative agencies, editorial companies, and as a freelance designer.

Before coming to Rinck, Avelar served as lead multimedia designer at 605 Creative Co. and then worked freelance for three years while earning two master’s degrees. In 2022, she graduated from the University of Denver with a Master of Arts in user experience strategy and a Master of Science in software design and programming. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in graphic design from South Dakota State University.

A UX/UI (short for User Experience/User Interface) designer’s goal is to improve user satisfaction by making an experience intuitive and easy to navigate. In her role at Rinck, Avelar advocates for users and optimizes user experiences for digital client products. She develops comprehensive UX/UI design strategies for client brands, designs UI components and tools, and provides guidance on implementing UX research methodologies.

Avelar is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and is currently living and working remotely in Portland, Oregon.

Yany Avelar, joins Rinck Advertising as UX/UI designer.

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