In my view, among the words most alien to Donald Trump’s tongue are truth and disgrace.

Truth Social is what the liar’s liar had the gall to dub his deservedly tanking social media platform. And, not a bit surprisingly, disgrace is the word he used to denounce a federal jury’s recent finding that he’s liable for sexual abuse and defamation of writer E. Jean Carroll.

It seems to me his use of that word disgrace, repeated a number of times when holding forth on the trial, is intended, laughably, to wrap himself in the mantle of moral high-mindedness; but anyone with a brain stem can see that the man is venality incarnate.

In his column “Those who have crowned Trump king” (Sun Journal, May 12), Cal Thomas — an evangelical who’s become an trenchant critic of Trump — quoted several Bible verses with a view to admonishing fellow believers not to fall prey to his deceptions.

But isn’t it a tad late? His supporters would sooner slit their collective throat than abandon their “chosen one,” appointed by God to make America great again by re-Christianizing it. But that won’t happen under anyone’s governance, least of all his, revolting pseudo-Christian that he is.

In 2 Corinthians 6:17, one of the verses Thomas cited, Paul exhorts fellow Christians to part ways with “unbelievers.” Evangelicals should note well that Thomas has gone so far in his censure of Trump as to include him among them.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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