I am really concerned that there isn’t enough housing available.

More and more people are being left homeless. The lists for housing are way too long, and people come to believe that it won’t ever be their turn to have affordable housing.

One reason I am worried is that I have a friend who has been waiting over five years for a Section 8 voucher. Even when people qualify, it can be a long search for an apartment.

One bill that would help is LD 1710, which would make it illegal for a landlord to turn someone down just because they use Section 8 or other public assistance.

Another problem is that landlords can take forever to fix substandard apartments. I know that sometimes people need to go to the city just to get repairs done.

We need to hold landlords accountable. Lawmakers must make sure landlords are taking care of the buildings they rent to Mainers.

One step in the right direction is LD 1905, which would create a statewide rental registry so renters and cities can know who’s responsible for a property.

It’s time to stand up to landlords, and stand up for Mainers.

Barbara Hersom, Lewiston

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