Kitty Coolidge and JT Greene enjoy singing and playing music together as Kitty and JT throughout venues in western and southern Maine. The duo got their start at 49 Franklin in Rumford and attribute their success in part to the support they’ve gotten from businesses in the River Valley and western Maine. Mahir Hasanoff photo

When they aren’t working their full-time day jobs as a music therapist and a bank manager, respectively, Kitty Coolidge and JT Greene enjoy singing and playing together as the duo Kitty and JT. The Rumford and Bethel natives currently live in Kennebunkport and perform throughout southern and western Maine.

They have known each other since they were kids and started playing music together seven years ago when Kitty reached out to JT to accompany her with his guitar at 49 Franklin, an event center in Rumford.

The duo likes to play “a little bit of everything, ranging from The Beatles and The Chicks, all the way to Backstreet (Boys) and TLC,” Greene says.

Without the support they have received from local businesses in the River Valley and western Maine areas, Greene says they would not be playing music together today.

When did you both first start playing instruments and singing? Were you “naturals” at it or did your musical careers take a lot of work from the start?

Kitty: Music has always been such an important part of my life. I was a dancer growing up and then started taking voice lessons as a child. I eventually picked up playing piano, and today I also play the guitar. I feel like although there were some parts that came naturally, it has also taken a lot of work and practice.


JT: My dad taught me to play guitar when I was 10. We always played around the house and he has always been incredibly supportive. I spent my summers as a teenager playing guitar and learning different songs. It certainly takes time. I made a lot of progress playing guitar in high school band.

How did the two of you meet and how did you come together to become the music duo Kitty and JT?

Kitty: We have known each other since we were kids, as we grew up in the same area. We had many mutual friends and I danced with JT’s sisters. I had been performing solo, and reached out to JT to accompany me. After that one gig, we decided to pursue performing together more frequently. We’ve been performing as Kitty and JT for about seven years now.

Do you attribute some of your success playing at popular venues around the state to the support from people and businesses in the towns that you grew up in?

JT: Absolutely! Our first gig together was at 49 Franklin after Scot Grassette had invited us to perform at his event “Kaleidoscope.” We also played often at the Hotel Rumford, Black Mountain of Maine, Steam Mill Brewing, Gatch’s, and the Lure. Without the support from these local businesses, we certainly would not be playing music together today. The River Valley is full of wonderful people who love to support one another.

What kinds of music do you play and sing at your events and what is your favorite music to play and listen to?


JT: Our discography consists of popular covers of all genres that people will enjoy while they are enjoying an afternoon or evening out. We like to play a little bit of everything, ranging from The Beatles and The Chicks, all the way to Backstreet and TLC. We aim to play to our audience, as we enjoy ourselves more if everyone else is enjoying themselves. What we listen to may vary from our set. I enjoy listening to many different bands like Dave Matthews Band, Billy Strings, The Ghost of Paul Revere, etc.

Kitty: I like a wide variety of music in a lot of different genres, but some all-time favorites include Taylor Swift, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Elton John, and the Lumineers.

A question for Kitty: You have a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and in music therapy. Does your day job include music therapy? If so, what does music therapy look like to an outsider?

Kitty: Yes, I work as a board-certified music therapist. Music therapy is essentially an evidence-based practice that utilizes different music experiences to meet an individual’s physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive goals. This could include things such as songwriting, active music making, playlist making, music listening, etc., within a therapeutic relationship and with a credentialed professional. I love that I get to utilize my passion for music to help others as well.

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do when you’re not playing music?

JT: When we are not playing music, we both enjoy building our professional careers. For hobbies, we like to ski, attend concerts, hang out with friends and family, and relax at our home in Kennebunk. We are enjoying getting our garden ready at our home this spring.

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