LIVERMORE — Selectpersons on Tuesday night considered what to include on new signs for Brettuns Pond beach.

“We have a new ordinance so we can actually enforce stuff down there,” Selectperson Scott Richmond said. “If the Sheriff’s Department drives by and sees someone there after dark, they can now stop and enforce it. We need to have some new signs. I’m not talking little ones.”

Richmond suggested having pictures on the signs.

Two signs were posted last year at the Brettuns Pond beach in Livermore. Selectmen are considering what to include on new signs listing rules for using the beach this year. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser file

He suggested reflective aluminum signs, perhaps with a green background with white letters. Green and white are the town colors; green would blend in with the scenery and white lettering would stand out, he said.

The beach ordinance was approved 148-27 at the April 25 annual Town Meeting. It states that opening and closing times will be approved by municipal officers.

Other suggestions for signs include:


• Carry in/carry out policy.

• No motorized vehicles on the beach area.

• No glass bottles/containers.

• No children allowed to swim in disposable diapers.

• Children under 12 must be accompanied by someone 16 or older.

• No use of shampoo/soap.


• No fires allowed.

• No tents/overnight camping.

• No alcohol/illegal drugs/tobacco.

The signs would be ordered from White Signs in Old Town.

The beach is open to Livermore residents and taxpayers only. The new ordinance says beach passes may be required.

The ordinance includes formation of a committee to help oversee beach activity such as trash pickup. It will be include two selectpersons, the administrative assistant and two Livermore residents.

A suggestion was made that Selectperson Brett Deyling be on the committee and a member of the Brettuns Pond Association.

Anyone interested in serving on the committee is asked to contact the town office during business hours at 207-897-3207.

“The waters in our town are our biggest resources,” Selectperson Joshua Perkins said. “We have got to keep those protected.”

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