Our children are our future; that’s what so many say.

Then why aren’t we louder as a society, as a nation, about the $100-plus billion dollar business that is human trafficking? Every year, millions are trafficked and exploited.

Yes, more people are speaking up and becoming active in the fight to protect and save these children, but why aren’t we fighting harder? If people are looking to their politicians and the government to do that job for them, they’re in for quite the rude awakening.

People need to be vocal and active in their communities. They could and should be contacting their state representatives and federal representatives. They should support the organizations (and do their research) that fight against trafficking, such as Change Unchained.

People should spread awareness. Get involved. There are tons of resources available if people are not sure where to start. A simple Google search; start there.

We as a nation need to stop the useless division and bickering. We need to come together and unite for the common good.


Among so much happening in our nation, we need to protect the children. Not just in this country, but globally as well. No excuses.

People should be that voice for the voiceless. They should put themselves in their shoes for just a moment. The horror they endure. The suffering.

They need us now more than ever.

Jennifer Porter, Lewiston

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