As a former state representative, I am not new to complex issues that our state faces. There is no doubt that PFAS contamination is one of these issues.

Last year, the Legislature passed a bill in response to PFAS contamination that aimed at eliminating the sale of PFAS in Maine. While the Legislature acted swiftly in response, its good intentions did not properly weigh the balance between public health, environmental impact, and the small business community and consumer impact.

While the goal was to ban harmful PFAS chemicals, the bill created an all-encompassing definition that includes virtually every product in one’s house, car, medicine and life.

Without redefining the definition, life as we know it today would and could not exist. Everyday products would be removed from the shelves and small businesses would close rapidly across our communities.

I am not saying this challenge is easy. I know it is not, and I am happy to see the Environment and Natural Resources Committee thoughtfully trying to re-balance its earlier action.

My former colleagues in the Legislature must amend the current statute to more effectively balance public health, environmental impact and the small business community and consumer impact.

Bruce Bickford, Auburn

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