100 Years Ago: 1923

More than 300 Shriners and members of their families, the Arab Patrol and Drum Corps were packing their bags and getting ready to leave Sunday for Washington the annual Imperial session, for The Lewiston-Auburn contingent will leave from the Upper Maine Central station at 6 o’clock daylight saving time. The first stop will be at Philadelphia Sunday evening where the Lulu Temple will be host, Kora Temple will return the visit paid by Lulu Temple to Lewiston last summer. Monday, the trip to Washington is resumed. Friday morning, the return trip starts. A stay is made in New York where the local Shriners will put up at the Prince George Hotel overnight. Saturday morning the last leg of the home journey is taken up.

50 Years Ago: 1973

Several more malicious mischief incidents are currently under probe by Auburn police. Shortly before 7:30 this morning, police were told that a large plate glass window at Edward Little High School had been shattered during the night. Investigating Officer Patrick Valentino said a five-by-eight-foot window near the front offices were broken and several doors on the easterly side of the building were splashed with paint by the vandals.

25 Years Ago: 1998

The Lewiston City Council, the Auburn Water District and the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission this week will consider borrowing $570,000 to buy one of the largest parcels of land ever to be added to the lake’s watershed protection efforts. By purchasing the large parcel of land and not allowing its future development, water officials hope to avoid building a $30 million drinking water filtration plant at Lake Auburn in the future.

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