LIVERMORE — Selectperson Brett Deyling on Tuesday night that two new signs at Brettuns Pond beach be reflective yellow so they can easily be seen at night.

Two signs were posted last year at the Brettuns Pond beach in Livermore. Selectmen are considering color changes for new signs listing rules for using the beach this year. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser file photo

At the May 25 board meeting, colors for the new signs were discussed following approval of the new beach ordinance at the annual Town Meeting on April 25.

Deyling was not at the May meeting.

Deyling said green and white signs would likely blend into the background. He suggested reflective yellow signs with black lettering.

“I want (the signs) to stand out,” he said. “People who are coming in should be very aware and not miss it, know this is not a place where anybody can come anymore, do drugs, whatever they want. I want it reflective at night so when you come in there it’s bright.”

Hours the beach is open and all prohibited things should be on the signs so people can’t claim that they missed it, Deyling said. “I want it in your face.”


He preferred signs similar to highway curve signs. “It will stick out when you are driving up to it, it’s a warning sign,” he said. “You can definitely see it at night (and) will stick out in the daytime too. There is no missing that.”

The board voted to have Deyling and Selectperson Joshua Perkins serve on the beach committee. Deyling will contact the Brettuns Pond Association for a member to serve.

Townwide representation is desired, so other residents will also be asked.

In other business, selectpersons voted to have Manzer’s Fine Grade and Earthwork of Anson pave River Road.

The road washed out during the April 30/May 1 rainstorm. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has viewed the damage. All town information regarding damage must be submitted to FEMA by Friday. Administrative Assistant Carrie Judd said she planned to submit it Thursday. She is waiting for final water district numbers.

“We couldn’t fix the road until FEMA looked at it,” Selectperson Scott Richmond said. “Can we fix it now? We can’t wait until we get the money.”


He said he talked with highway foreman Roger Ferland and Richmond said he thinks Manzer can be ready June 20.

Perkins said FEMA might not reimburse the town if the work is done before being approved.

“We are going to have to come up with the money beforehand anyway,” Richmond said.

Voters passed an article in April that allows selectpersons to use money from the general fund, Judd said.

Androscoggin County received less flood damage than Franklin and Oxford counties, Richmond said. Several Livermore officials put in a lot of work trying to get the money, he said.

There was a concentration of damage in this area and River Road has been blocked off, Richmond said.

Selectperson Jeremy Emerson said the cones on the road were moved recently so a firetruck could pass. “There is nothing underneath the tar,” he said. “I am not going down there.”

“If FEMA reimburses us, great,” Deyling said. “If not, we are still going to have to do it. We have to get it done as soon as possible. That’s a long way around for some people, the first responders.”

Culverts that were previously approved will be installed while Manzer is there, Richmond said.

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