I recently saw where Gov. Janet Mills has introduced bill L.D. 1619, which would allow abortions up to time of birth, with the approval of a qualified medical professional.

This bill seems extreme in multiple ways, regardless of religious beliefs or non beliefs.

It appears that society has turned a blind eye toward abortions and that there’s little chance that feeling could be changed. But allowing abortions right up to the time of birth is beyond any regard for that life in the womb. If that life reaches the point of viability, how could abortion be anything less than murder?

Protecting the life or health of a expecting mother is a serious consideration when abortion is being considered, and hard to argue. But when do the rights of the unborn need to be considered?

Some of our legislators feel that abortions should be performed at any time before birth, which L.D. 1619 would allow. Currently Maine allows abortions up to 24 weeks, which in itself is extreme compared to many other states.

I appreciate the fact that I am probably in the minority regarding my objections to this bill, but from a spiritual and moral stance I felt it necessary to at least express an opinion concerning my opposition to this bill, with the hope there might be others that felt that way.

If there are those that agree with what I have mentioned in this letter, perhaps they could contact your representative and let them know how they feel.

Norman Ford, Lewiston

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