I don’t think guns should be in school, especially on teachers, an issue under consideration before the Maine Legislature.

It’s unsafe and unneeded. Why bring the problem into school? Arming teachers is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet hole. It’s just treating the symptoms and not the sickness.

Most shootings are with guns that shoot many bullets out at one time; giving teachers handguns isn’t going to hold up against an automatic.

How to help is to make gun laws more strict. Felons can go to a gun show and, with no background check, just buy a gun.

To make matters worse, many teachers would resign from being a teacher if their colleagues were armed. Even my teacher, Cameron Bigelow, said that he “would quit being a teacher for sure.” My teacher, Julie McCabe, said that she “would also quit teaching as well.”

Teachers are going on strike because this is a very scary situation for them. Teachers are going on strike about not being paid enough, and now on top of that guns could be added.

All those little kids will forever remember the sound of the gun shot for the rest of their lives. The smell of gunpowder in the air. The face of the teacher and the gun in their hands.

This means a lot to me because I am a student. I am not comfortable with my teachers having things on their hip that could literally kill me.

Natasha Collins, 11th grader at Next STEP High in Lewiston

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