MONMOUTH — Three candidates, two of whom are incumbents, are competing for a pair of seats on the Select Board in Tuesday’s election.

C. Douglas Ludewig, 83, is the chair of the select board and is up for reelection. He has been in office for 23 years.

C. Douglas Ludewig Contributed photo

“I have been on the select board since 2000, my wife has lived here for 42 years, I have been a police officer and a member of the rescue squad,” said Ludewig. “I just enjoy serving the community.”

If reelected, Ludewig plans to focus on improving and maintaining Monmouth’s infrastructure. He is also prioritizing getting a salt shed for the town. “It is called a salt priority, we lay out the salt if a storm is coming and for that, we need a shed. It is also a public safety issue,” Ludewig said.

He said that maintaining infrastructure has been difficult in recent years as the town struggles with dwindling finances.

Asked why he should be reelected, Ludewig said: “I have an expansive knowledge of the town, I have been here since the early ’60s, I care about the community and I want to contribute more to it.”


Another candidate up for reelection is the vice chair of the Select Board, Kristin Sanborn.

Kristin Sanborn Contributed photo

Sanborn, 55, will complete her first term after being elected in 2020. She said her priorities revolve around maintaining the existing infrastructure, town budgeting and economic development by increasing Monmouth’s appeal to outsiders and residents alike.

“I want to keep this town in people’s minds, that it is a great place to live, to visit and to start businesses,” said Sanborn. “I love this town; I am concerned about this town, and I want to make sure it is heading in the right direction.”

Iyesha Nesbitt Contributed photo

Iyesha Nesbitt, the newcomer in the race, said she has “no ill-will towards the other two candidates.”

“They are well-respected citizens of the town, and I respect them, too,” said Nesbitt, 42. “But I think it is time for new ideas and directions, a fresh perspective.”

Nesbitt said that she did not have specific priorities, but she will be focused on issues ranging from costs to infrastructure and economic development.


“I want this town to grow but also retain that small-town feel where I walk out and know who my neighbors are,” she said.

Nesbitt has not held public office in the past.

Voting will start at 8 a.m. in the Meeting Room at 117 Academy Road. Polls are open until 8 p.m.

In addition to electing municipal officers Tuesday, residents will vote by secret ballot on all of Monmouth’s Town Meeting warrant items.

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