Our police officers’ jobs are hard enough, without the unnecessary burden of those who resist arrest when being arrested.

How many monuments do we have to erect in order to praise those among us who resist, when they know full well they’re guilty as hell?

Vigilante justice must not overshadow blind justice when people’s lives are on the line. Proper training must be insisted upon if we’re to feel safe against rogue cops taking the law into their own hands.

This is not the time to defund the police, but rather an opportunity to double down on the efforts at hand to undermine the very essence of peace and security that we are accustomed to.

We are a nation of law of order. Let the police do their jobs and support them in this most difficult of professions.

Criminals who resist arrest must not be rewarded whoever they are, regardless of race, gender, creed, color, identity, ethnicity, faith, opinion, principles, or whatever they choose to thwart justice. They’re still criminals.

Michael Boom, Lisbon

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