The club work party earlier in June was cut short by even more rain. Dan Sleeper photo

LIVERMORE — Brettuns Wheelers ATV Club met Tuesday June 13, at the Livermore Community Building, 29 Church St. Next month’s meeting is July 11 at 7 p.m.

The club wants to thank the volunteers from a number of ATV clubs who came out in the rain to work together on the trail to Meadow View.

Trail master Dan Sleeper was thanked for his tireless efforts to get the trails ready to open. And his efforts in keeping people from riding the trails before they are ready to open.

Club President Ashley Langlin-Hebert said, “The trails will open when they dry out.”

Nealy every foot of trail in Livermore is on private land and club members agreed that riding on them before they dry out would damage the trails and possibly cause landowners to close their portion of the trail.

That said, Livermore trails are still closed, but volunteers are always needed to help with trail work. Hopefully, the rain will get back to normal, with less downpours, but no drought!


“As much as we would like to get the trails open ASAP, the Brettuns Wheelers ATV Club – Livermore trails will remain closed until this wet spell ends and the trails have an opportunity to dry out a bit. We have several landowners who have concerns about their land being damaged.

We have a lot happening though, when the trails do open, there will be a new loop trail thanks to a club member opening up their property. We also have another section we have to work around and will meet with the selectmen next week to see if we can find a solution,” said Langlin-Hebert

Until the RED SIGNS are taken down, no matter the date written on them, the trails are closed. Reach out and watch for our posts on the club’s Facebook page for updates.

“We have done almost 300 hours of much needed trail work this season but simply, it’s just too wet to open our trails yet. Riding now will only prolong the trails getting opened and cause us to have to do more work before we are able to open.” She added.

Please, as always, no matter where you ride, respect the landowners, stay on marked trails and always read the signs! Let’s hope for an improvement in the forecast!

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