The new Exit Q to State Road in Bath. Jason Claffey / The Times Record

The Maine Department of Transportation recently installed lettered ramp signs along Route 1 in the Brunswick area to aid first responders in finding callers’ locations.

The signs were installed in May on the highway’s on- and off-ramps in Brunswick, West Bath and Bath. They start with Ramp A from Cressey Road in Brunswick and end with Exit S to Congress Avenue in Bath.

Previously, there were no on-ramp demarcations and off-ramps were simply labeled “Exit.”

“We have lettered exit ramps at the southern end of (Interstate) 295 to assist with emergency response, and we felt it was appropriate to do the same thing along Route 1 in the Brunswick area,” transportation department spokesperson Paul Merrill said in email.

There are no “H” or “I” signs to avoid confusion with hospitals and information, according to Merrill.

“We avoided numbers because the numbers would have had to match the mile markers from where Route 1 begins in Kittery — the numbers would have been very high,” he said. “Letters were determined to be less confusing.”

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