FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners tasked several people Tuesday to come up with options for a mission statement for the county as they kick off development of a strategic plan.

Former state Rep. Thomas Skolfield of Weld, approached commissioners in September with the idea from his constituents to establish a strategic plan for the county. He encouraged commissioners to seriously consider it.

Commissioners had initially asked county Administrator Amy Bernard to develop it, but after working on a mission statement a couple of months ago she realized they need more input.

Commissioner Terry Brann of Wilton said he has talked to town managers and others who want to be involved in creating the plan.

The idea is to form a road map to guide commissioners, county staff and residents about what the county does, what each department does and what direction they intend to go to meet the same overall goals and objectives.

Bernard told commissioners a strategic plan could be as wide or narrow as people want. A broad scope is a huge undertaking, she said. A narrow scope could be a shorter process but would involve public hearings and other work.


Skolfield said Bernard is right that it depends on what commissioners are looking for.

He said he believes part of a strategic plan involves a mission statement and setting goals and objectives. The county may have already some of the pieces for the plan, including a policy on replacing vehicles. Some of these housekeeping items are relevant to a strategic plan, he said.

It is important because no one is going to be here forever, he said. This will give people who replace commissioners and other staff in future years a basic plan to follow.

Skolfield suggested that the county hire someone who can help them develop the plan.

“In my experience if you have someone knowledgeable who knows how to implement it, it is worth it it,” he said.

He also said commissioners can look at other counties in Maine to see if they have plans that could have parts Franklin County is interested in.


Commissioner Lance Harvell of Farmington put together a quick mission statement during the meeting: “Provide the county and towns with necessary public services while being guardians of taxpayer funds.”

Sue Pratt, administrator of the county’s American Rescue Plan Act program, said the process is as important as the plan and it should be inclusive.

Brann suggested they be patient, saying they have the expertise to start developing the mission statement and a plan.

Bernard, county Deputy Administrator Tiffany Baker, Skolfield, Pratt, Charlie Woodworth, executive director of Greater Franklin Economic and Community Development, and possibly finance clerk/Administrative Assistant Amy Heckbert will meet to provide options to commissioners on a mission statement.

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