Gretchen Curtis (17th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 13-4, reached Class C North regional final
Returning players: Seniors — Libbie Errington, Keira Kelley; Juniors — Emily Woods, Grace Averill, Sylvia Hodson, Layla Merrill, Alyssa Ellis, Diana Cayer; Sophomores — Lana Waite, Katelyn Scott.
Key losses: Jayce Brophy, Grace Robbins, Alivia Ellis, Kallie Errington, Morgan Woods, Kara Woods.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Nicole Turnbull; Freshmen — Grace Jackson, Xandria Libby, Raeleigh Ricci, Emma Chapman, Brooklyn Webster.
Season outlook: After losing a large graduating class, Gretchen Curtis is confident the Cougars will be competitive this year after reaching the Class C North regional final last season. The team has committed to working hard in practices and getting better each game.

Kim Joler (sixth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 4-9-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gabrielle Duplissis (B), Micah Joler (M), Leah Thibodeau (M/F), Adrianna Couture (F), Helena Moon (F), Kasey Smith (G); Juniors — Carly Wang (B), Lauren Hodgman (B), Kassidy Lobb (F), Marina Morgan (F), Nora Condit (M); Sophomores — Mackenzie Joler (M), Meredith Delehanty (B).
Key loss: Amanda Raymond.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Anaya Egge (F), Celia Mihalik (B); Sophomores — Kylee LeBrun (G), Blake Hamel (F); Freshmen — Alison Michaud (F), Sophia Gerry (B), Hannah Sampson (B), Annabelle Lamontagne (F).
Season outlook: The Red Eddies are dedicated and hard-working student-athletes, according to Kim Joler. They have been working together for many seasons now and can identify and use their strengths to their advantage. The sixth-year head coach said this season the players will use their experience to gain momentum down the field offensively and create a strong defensive game in the process. The excitement and energy that the team has now that it has a home on the new turf facility is powerful.

Julia Leary (first year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 3-9-2 record, lost in Class B South prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Olivia Knudsen (D), Amelia Bowie (F); Junior — Samantha Poulind (G), Emma Bowden (F), Elara Kluck (D), Greta Tod (F), Isabelle Humphrey (M),  Zoe Trepaney (M), Ellie Bouman (D); Sophomores — Helen Kalinich (M), Callista Strattard (F).
Key losses: Emma Hutchings, Alexis Hutchings.
Promising newcomer: Freshman — Kenlie Nadeau (F).
Season outlook: The Patriots look forward to taking the next step as a team. They have a lot of new faces but lots of athleticism that will carry them this season. The team is eager to continue to improve daily and be very competitive in Class B South.

Cathy Marston (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 11-3
Returning athletes: Senior — Emma Beedy (M); Juniors — Maddie Morin (F), Katie Sirois (F), Olivea Miller (M), Isabelle Gates (M), Addie Twitchell (D).
Key losses: Cierra Barker, Jazzlynn Clark, Ava Pratt.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Emily Poland(G); Freshmen — Ainsley Barry (F), Ava Twitchell (M), Calee Libby (F), Mallie Buckley (M), Elizabeth Buckley (D)
Season outlook: After a big coaching loss this year with former coach, Wanda Ward-MacLean, who died of metastatic breast cancer on June 30, this group of girls is pushing hard to meet the expectations of their new coach, Cathy Marston. Emma Beedy will lead the team as the only returning senior and hold the center of the field. The strong junior class will assist her in showing the younger class the ropes by modeling and mentoring. This year’s team is driven, incredibly supportive of each other, and they anticipate this will have a strong influence on their play.

Jenessa Talarico (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 2-12
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alyssa Tremblay (M), Siara Laliberte (F), Bella Dube (M), Reese Maynard (F), Maddy Freeman (M), Fiona Landry (M), Allison Lavallee (F), Gabriella Thomas (D), Jasmine Connor-Schade (M), Savannah Connor-Schade (F), Taylor Melvin (D), Olivia Crowley (F), Isabelle DeMars (D), Skyla Webb (D), Cally Dow (F), Claudia Provost (D), Alex LaChance (F); Juniors — Sarah Mack (G), Chloe Tremblay (M), Ava Dionne (M), Maia Langlois (F); Sophomores — Lauren Cote (F), Ayanay Holloman (F), Shelby Vallee (D), Grace Colgan (M), Madilyn Moreau (F), Maya Gunther (M).
Key losses: Kimberley McLaughlin, Julia Perkins
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Luci Tremblay (F), Delanie Bosquet (M), Maila Strout (D), Lila Theriault (M), Valerie Potvin (D), Charlotte Crowley (D).
Season outlook: The varsity team has 17 seniors and the Blue Devils hope their experience will lead them to a playoff run. Lewiston will rely on Gabriella Thomas to lead the defense.

Julie Petrie (13th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results:13-4, reached the Class C South regional final
Returning athletes: Juniors — Avia Russo (F), Riley Hoyle (M/F/D), Mackenzie Theriault; Sophomores — Alivia Saunders (F).
Key losses: Haley-Jane Tuplin, Maddy Tuplin, Maria Levesque, Laura Mockler, Kayla Cooper, Reesa Theriault-Guay, Capella Russo, Hanna Schreiber, Alexia Barnes, Emily Libby, Jade O’Connor.
Promising newcomers: Sophie Cote (G), Tiana Seaborne (D), Delina Daigle (F), Aubriana Bright (M/F), Pelle O’Kane (M/F), Melanie Simmons (F), Ella Morales (F), Payton Hoyle (D), Chloe McDaniel (D), Hayleigh Perron (M/F).
Season outlook: The Greyhounds took a big hit from graduation, losing 11 seniors and nine starters, including Miss Maine Finalist Haley-Jane Tuplin. This team is young, with no seniors, and will rely on the returners for leadership. The team is working hard, learning and growing each day. Players need to step up and fill roles while improving throughout the season. Julie Petrie’s goal for the team is to play their best field hockey in late October.


Julia Lajoie (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s record: 4-10
Returning athletes: Seniors — Katie Yeaton (M), Mikayla Wilcox (F); Juniors — Bree Griffin (M), Kara Daggett (D), Summer Sawyer (D); Sophomores — Kali Judkins (F/M), Lily Huntley (F/M)
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Grace Allen; Freshmen — Gwen Lesperance (GK), Alyssa Parker.
Season outlook: The girls are playing very cohesively and are growing into a very versatile group. Julia Lajoie said the Cougars have depth and flexibility in every position, but have a fairly young team. Lajoie is pleased with the progress in the preseason and even more excited about their potential. They plan to hit the ground running in the season opener and aim to gain momentum throughout September.

Coach: Jessica Sirois (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 3-8-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Mallorie Bourret, Brooke Brown, Nevaeh D’Angelo, Celeste Dickey, Abby Jones, Ella Young; Junior — Kaylani Sinclair (G); Sophomores — Lola Bisson, Mariya Gammon.
Key losses: Chloe Godbois, Alyvia Knox.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Melina Byam, Catori Watson.
Season outlook: The Falcons have been preparing for the upcoming season with conditioning and stickwork, with a focus on uniting the young players and the veterans. They have experience defending the cage and across each line, with new skill sets and energy from a large incoming freshmen class. Sirois said to expect this team to be competitive in their conference and class, looking for every opportunity to learn and improve.

Lexi Fuller (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 5-9, reached Class C South regional semifinals
Returning athletes: Seniors — Lexi Pelkey (F), Sierra Lane (G); Juniors — Michaela Pontbriand (D), Emma Bourgoin (M); Sophomores — Izzy Whitaker (F), Saryn Blais (D) Paige Stevens (D), Gabby Renn (D), Ella Martin (G), Sutton Sloan (M).
Key losses: Julie Mooney, Lilly Coburn, Chloe Fournier, Kelsey Young, Mia Valliere.
Promising newcomers: Olivia French (M), Grace Behne (F), Madalyn Sikora (F), Janiah McKay (F).
Season outlook: The Raiders are very young but Lexi Fuller said the girls are dedicated and hard-working. Oak Hill knows the MVC is a deep conference but they want to be contenders for a conference title.

Hayly Holman (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 13-3-1, reached Class A North regional final
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gabby Wright (G), Kaya Joseph (M), Ava Kennagh (B), Brynn Bean (F), Hannah Jendrick (B/M), Tristen Derenburger (F); Junior — Lauren Millett (B).
Key losses: Carlee-Mae Cash, Molly Corbett, Zaya Volmar, Sierra Carson, Miah Gallan, Autumn Rowe, Page Temple, Ally Slicer, Bree Heikkinen, Allegra Meagher, Maddy Stack.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Cora Pierce (B), Dakota Morgan (F); Juniors — Lily Hammond (F), Veda Person (B), Abby Toohey (F/M), Cassie Turgeon (F), Kenadie Mason-Le (B), Sophie Estes (M), Gracie Hart (F/M); Sophomore — Charlotte McGreevy (G).
Season outlook: Hayly Holman said there’s no denying that the loss of last season’s senior class is substantial. This preseason, there is a large group of upperclassmen who are playing at the varsity level for the first time, and they have been on a steep learning curve. That said, Holman notes that this year’s returners and newcomers alike have been working hard to mesh the tangible and intangible elements to their game. If they can continue focusing on their technical skills, positional discipline and on-field communication, the Vikings could see a deep run into the playoffs come October, which the program has expected the past few seasons.

Ashley Armstrong (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 3-11
Returning athletes: Seniors — Sydney Lacombe (M), Briyana Vellila (M), Khloe O’Leary; Sophomores — Ruby Taylor (M), Imani Downing (B).
Key losses: Abby Bsullak.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Cadence Peters (B); Sophomore — Savannah Smith (M/F); Freshman — Gabriella Mcalister (B).
Season outlook: Armstrong said the team has been working hard and focusing on improving their record from last year. Poland hopes to capitalize on games in which they have lost in the past in overtime. The Knights are excited for the season and have the largest roster since 2019. Armstrong is hopeful for continued growth and is proud of the young ladies working hard so far during preseason.

Coach: Racheal Mastine (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 11-3, lost in Class C North quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Seniors — Anna Plourde (D), Mary Hamblin (D), Leah Burgess (M), Olivia Mastine (F), Brooklyn Fournier (F), Elizabeth Grondin (D), Aubrey Kachnovich (F); Juniors — Mallory Clark (G), Samantha Martin (D), Avery Bessey (F), Miley Fournier (M); Sophomore — Adell Pease (F).
Key losses: Ryleigh Castonguay, Mariyah Fournier, Caitlyn Brown.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Ryanna Taylor (M), Aaylah Herrera (F); Freshmen— Maddie Grimaldi (M), Amelia Holland (F), Kyleigh Marcotte (G).
Season outlook: After extensive preparation this summer and throughout preseason, Spruce Mountain is looking to compete and have a successful season. Racheal Mastine said this year’s group is the true definition of a team and that hard work, dedication, leadership, commitment and cooperation should make the Phoenix a competitive group. They return nine starters from last year’s team, led by seven very versatile seniors who have a great deal of varsity experience.

Mercedes Archer (first year)
Conference: WMC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 12-1, reached Class C South regional semifinals
Returning athletes: Senior — Georgiana Davidson (D); Juniors — Emily Andrews (F), Alexyss Baird (D); Sophomores — Chloe Beauchesne (F), Abigail Labonte (M), Maia Cote (G); Freshman — Ava Martin (F), Lily Bonney (D), Madeline Andrews (F).
Key losses: Lorelei Bonney, Isabella Pelletier, Ava Apodaca, Abigail Mitchell.
Promising newcomers: Alana Wheeler, Evelyn Caron, Emma Smith.
Season outlook: Although the Saints’ roster is small, coach Mercedes Archer said they have a strong and determined team. They will adjust to losing some key players and will welcome new skills. The team is excited, working hard and preparing for the tough season ahead.

Gail Wight (36th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 0-14
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kyra Rose-Espinoza (M), Bella Bennett (M), Lindsy Stephenson (GK); Junior — Rylee Cooper (M); Sophomores — Vivi Charette (F), Cadie Campbell (M/F), Taejyah Lego (D), Michaela Mowery (M/F), Evelyn Cummings (F).
Key losses: Autumn Thompson, Payton Berry, Violet Howe.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Dani Luce, Hannah Stetson, Natalia Danforth-Gordon.
Season Outlook: Gail Wight said the Rebels have to stay healthy and work hard. They do have nine returning players who now have varsity experience, which is a plus. Telstar hopes to work on its defensive game this season.

Melissa Perkins (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 16-2, Class C State Champions
Returning athletes: Senior — Liz Roman; Juniors — Madeline Wagner, Caroline Corgan, Lauren Miller, Izzy Folsom; Sophomores — Olivia Huri, Emily Kempton, Brynn Stubbert, Cate Gustin.
Key losses: Emma Shuman, Rhyan Sawlivich, Bella Littler, Julia Letourneau, Brooke Belz, Madison Weymouth, Lucy Vachon, Lauryn Wood.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Sienna Beauchesne; Sophomores — Hannah Toye, Olivia Toye, Marley Simmons; Freshman — Kylee Mansir, Piper Clark, Ella Giles, Harper Fyfe, Chloe Moody, Raegan Littlefield, Reese Shaw, Grace Grant, Lynmarie Cormier, Katie Timms, Cyara Harriman.
Season outlook: Melissa Perkins said losing eight seniors and starters from the state championship opens up a lot of opportunities for this young team. The team will rely on the experience of Madeline Wagner, Izzy Folsom, Caroline Corgan and Lauren Miller to lead the team to a successful season.

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