Coach: Larry Thornton (ninth year)
Conference: East-West; Class: D South
Last year’s results: 8-6-2, reached regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Tilton (HB/FB), Mya Austin (F/HB), Lillian Sharples (FB), Lailey Laughton (F); Juniors — Annabelle Thone (HB), Cori Merrill (CHB), Amelia Hill (FB), Cora Brewster (CHB), Kai Trenoweth (F), Brittany Carrier (F), Kianna Finnegan (GK); Sophomores — Chloee Bennett (F), Emma Hooper (FB), Alyssa Breton (CHB).
Key loss: Madison Turcotte (MVC All-Conference, Class D South Regional All-Star).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Kallista Stearns (FB); Sophomore — Madison Wallace (FB); Freshmen — Sophie St. Pierre (F), Addie Smith (F), Zoe Thone (FB), Autum Mercier (FB).
Season outlook: Thornton said he anticipates formidable competition all season so long, so the Bucks had a “very worker-like preseason.” The team knows what it can accomplish, the key will be staying focused and taking the season one game and one day at a time. If the Bucks do that, Thornton said, they will be successful. The graduation of all-conference player Madison Turcotte leaves a hole on defense, but Thornton said junior returner Amelia Hill will fill that spot, and classmate Cori Merrill will also be relied upon heavily in the middle of the defense. Fellow junior Kianna Finnegan brings experience in goal, and is part of a returning group of 14 players.

Coach: Chris Araujo (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: 8-6 (co-op with Spruce Mountain).
Returning athletes: Senior — Arianna Gonzales; Junior — Alivia Estabrook; Sophomores — Reegan Nisbet, Lauretta Woodhead.
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Madison Knowles (G), Sophie Nino (F); Freshmen — Abby Luczynski (D), Teagan Simonsen (M).
Season outlook: The Cougars are back as a standalone team after being part of a co-op with Spruce Mountain last year, and they are part of the inaugural season of 8-player soccer in the state. Araujo said the objective is for this season to be uplifting, with lots of team-bonding and basic skill review, giving the team time to work with each other in what will be a developing year.

Coach: Tyler Shennett (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 3-11
Returning athletes: Seniors — Izzy Jalbert (GK), Katherine Garcia (CM), Kaelyn Langlois (D), Olivia Veilleux (F); Juniors — Gabby Gerry (F), Layla Facchiano (M), Lexi Kelsea (D), Violet Vincent (M); Sophomores — Sophie Cote (F), Favour Monday (F), Lola Cunningham (D), Maddie Ranger (M).
Key losses: Gloria San Pedro (F), Breya Whitman (F), Lily Watkins (M), Abby Faucher (D), Erin Cowie (M), Mckenna Menke (M).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Tiana Avila (D); Juniors — Rachel Penny (D), Colline Bonnet (D); Freshmen — Hope Fontaine (F), Avelynn Bowie (D), Evie Marshall (M), Jenna Shea (F), Izzy Merrill (F), Hannah Labbe (M).
Season outlook: Shennett, an Edward Little grad who recently coached the girls team at St. Dom’s, takes over at his alma mater with goals of not only improving results from a season ago, but also changing how the Red Eddies play. He said the team is expecting to play a possessive game that results in a more direct attack. “Although we have to rebuild, the team is still looking to be competitive and make playoffs,” Shennett said.

Coach: Marcy Francoeur (fifth year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 7-8-2, reached regional semifinals.
Key returning athletes: Seniors — Sara Patriquin (D), Trinity Bean (F); Junior — Laney Farrar (M).
Key loss: Ashleen Perkins (F).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Elli Nendza (D); Sophomore — Brianna Waterman (M), Emily Carroll (F).
Season outlook: The Patriots are looking to build off last year’s underdog run to the Class B South semifinals as the No. 11 seed. Francoeur said there is quite a bit of depth throughout the team made up of players who are eager to step on the field this season.

Coach: Chris Cifelli (fourth season)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 7-7-1, lost in regional prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alicia Bergeron (MF), Julia Bickford (FB), Nola Boutaugh (F), Olivia Doyon (FB), Madi Dutil (MF), Jamie Ellis (GK), Maddie Keneborus (FB), Kylee Spugnardi (F); Juniors — Michaela Harrington (MF), Heather Mousseau (MF), Ashley Roy (FB), Sophie Simard (FB).
Key losses: Jalee Boucher (MF), Ali Dening (MF), Jill Pellitier (FB).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Madi Anderson (GK), Alexis Barkman (FB), Ellah Houghton (FB); Juniors — Maddy Madore (MF), Molly Sealy (MF), Abby Sirois (F), Jayna Thistle (FB); Sophomores — Brooke Boutaugh (MF), Carina Castagna (F), Avery Cologna (MF), Dalila Dube (FB), Kaisley Marquis (MF).
Season outlook: The Hornets will need to replace the loss of two All-KVAC players and eight starters overall. Cifelli said the team will ask a lot from players playing in their first varsity games this fall. “We are athletic and have a lot of enthusiastic kids,” Cifelli said. “Although it may take some time for us to jell as a unit, there are a lot of girls working hard to get better.” Cifelli added that the Hornets’ schedule is very competitive and the team will see a lot of different teams from the area. He said the team will certainly be tested.

Coach: Kevin Albert (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 0-13-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Maddie Albert (M), Maddy Cote (F), Ava Blanchette (M), Skylar Gaudette (B), Jersey Cunningham (G); Junior — Addi Bilodeau (B), Lauren Landry (M), Josie Gagnier (M), Avaya Desjardins (F), Marissa Beaulieu (M), Dayla Tripp (G); Sophomores — Crew Langley (B), Lilly Beaulieu (M).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Natalie Beaudoin (M), Qamar Ali (M), Makenna Drouin (F), Emily Trider (B); Junior — Jenni Flynn (B), Taylor Jean (B); Sophomore — Anna Courtemanche (F).
Season outlook: Albert takes over a team that returns a good deal of experience after a few years of having young squads. The new coach said the Blue Devils are intent on changing the culture and are striving to be a hard-working team that will be difficult to play against. There will be a focus on skill and a ball-moving approach, with the hope of generating more shots on goal.


Coach: RJ Card (fourth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: 2-12
Returning athletes: Senior — Alivia Field (D); Juniors — Addy Burkhardt (M), Erin Coffin (F); Sophomores — Victoria Babbin (G), Abby Broadbent (D), Kasie Booker (D), Amelia Dunn (M), Solaya Russo (M).
Key loss: Cadence White (M).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Hannah Clement (D), Bella Reny (D); Freshmen — Emma Grenier (M), Kenya Jennings (D), Tessa McDaniel (D), Rachel Morse (D), Marlie Wilson (M).
Season outlook: After a few years of struggling to find players, the Greyhounds are welcoming in a large number of freshmen and sophomores as they join the new 8-player classification. Card said joining the 8-player class will help the Greyhounds develop as a team and as individual players. While the returning players already have a solid foundation to build upon, Card said that the team as a whole will treat this year as another growing season to build the skills and technical knowledge to strengthen the program for the future.

Coach: Gary Trafton (17th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 11-4, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Abby Atwood (M), Izzy Hamann (M), June Foyt (G), Hailey Rooney (M); Juniors — Ella Rice (D), Zion Armstrong (D), Katie Beck (F), Taylor Cotnoir (M); Sophomores — Riley Smith (F), Annabelle Carlton (D), Audrey Langlois (F), Eva Poulin (D), Gabrielle Kunze (D), Isabelle Fenderson (D), Brooke King (D), Kaitlyn Frost (M).
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Tarynn Keleher (F), Rileigh Chase (D); Sophomore — Abby St. Clair (M); Freshman — Hayli Paradis (M).
Season outlook: Trafton said that the Mustangs are a young team that is full of promise. He added that they are a very cohesive, hard-working group.

Coach: Kaitlyn Virgin (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 6-8-1, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Jaden Boulanger (F), Brooke Bennett (D), Emma Dupuis (D), Lanee Boucher (D), Brooke Chase (M), Emma Koch (M), Annelise Witas (M), Penny Bishop (D), Ciara Abbott (D), Kara Jasud (M); Juniors — Layce Boucher (F), Alianna Mazza (F), Madison Dow (D), Tessah LeClerc (M), Kloee Pelletier (G), Paisley Clukey (F), Madison McLean; Sophomore — Lily Boulanger (F).
Key losses: Emma Clukey, Justice Gendron, Myckayla Bright, Kaelynn Bright.
Promising newcomer: Madison Blanchard (F).
Season outlook: The Falcons are an experienced group in Virgin’s second season at the helm, with 10 seniors. She said the team has a wealth of experience and leadership to take it into the postseason. The team put in plenty of work over the summer, participating in multiple tournaments and attending a team camp at Keene State College.

Coach: Andrew Delcourt (ninth year); assistant: John Chase (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 10-4-1, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Eva Spear (D), Aiyana Savage (D), Izabella Dereszynski (M), Karsyn Rolbiecki (M), Sydney Sillanpaa (M); Juniors — Jany Pepin (G), Opal Mitchell (D), Autumn Pulk (M), Bailea Haines (D), Kenzie Contreras (F), Ruthie Gusler (G), Jaycee Sherrier (D); Sophomores — Jenna Osgood (M), Maddie Luce (F), Abby McCarty (M), Ari Dereszynski (D), Addie Paul (D), Maya Franklin (F).
Key losses: Charlotte Mitchell, Emily Pilsbury, Liv Roderick, Savannah Davis, Daisey Gussler, Jaidyn Stewart, Lilly Day.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Cheyenne Allen (F), Celia Rose (M), Vega Rollins (M), Edna Biladeau (D), Lya Pepin (D), Patience Mitchell (D).
Season outlook: Delcourt noted that the Roadrunners graduated a lot of seniors from last year’s team, so this year’s squad is working hard to fortify its leadership as well as improve its play on the field. The team’s goals, as Delcourt said they are every year, are to play hard and give itself a chance to win every game. The Roadrunners are excited about the season and all the challenges that come from playing a tough schedule.

Coach: Griffin Conlogue (second year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 12-3-1, reached regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Abbey Goodspeed (D), Gracie Ross (M), Alissa Butterfield (D); Juniors — Alaya Smith (M), Natalee Orr (F/M), Allison Casavant (D), Jaycee Simoneau (D), Rebekah Denio (F), Kylee Blodgett (F), Destiny Hensley (K); Sophomores — Nina Bogar (F), Lilla Simpson (M/F).
Key losses: Meren Zeliger (M), KK Daggett (F), Emma Dunn (F), Caitlin Burke (K), Emma Casavant (D), Callahan Towle (M), Eli Mezzoli (F/M), Taylor Gordon (F/D), Vivian Cormier (F), Quintessa Marcotte (M/D), Kaylee Sterling (F).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Tameeka Blauvelt (F); Sophomores — Keira Reny (K), Olivia Wakefield (M), Molly Hambrick (M/D), Payton Ladd (D), Olivia Erskine (D), Lauryn Northrup (F), Abby Dorr (F/M), Abbie Garland (F), Kari Savage (M/F).
Season outlook: Though the Cougars graduated a lot from last year’s Class A North semifinalist squad, Conlogue said they have a strong group of returning seniors and juniors who were a part of that core. The team will look to them to set the pace for the new players and to help the Cougars grow and develop to push for a playoff spot in what Conlogue called a deep and competitive Class A North.

Coach: Jeremy Young (eighth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 3-11
Returning athletes: Senior — Aubrey McElhaney (D); Juniors — Ava Rivet (M), Carlee Austin (M), Eliana Smith (F), Isabelle Greenleaf (D), Kendall Theriault (M), Delia Custer (D), Lindsay Bailey (D), Ryliegh Davis (M), MacKenzie Vattaso (G); Sophomore — Aikaterini “Kat” Karamousadakis (D).
Key losses: Peyton Gonya (M), Lilly Nadeau (F).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Sydney Wood (F), Tayen Smith (F), Delia Gosselin (M), Audrey Custer (M).
Season outlook: Young said the Raiders will be facing their most challenging schedule in recent memory this season, since so many teams in the MVC have switched to 8-person soccer. After missing out on the playoffs last year, Oak Hill will be looking to rebound and play the kind of defense that Young said the Raiders have become known for. The team will be looking for the large junior class to make use of what they learned last year and put it into practice on the field this season.


Coach: Brittany Moore (third year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 8-6-1, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Maddy Miller, Meredith Harthorne, McKinley Soehren, Jane Leonard, Bayleigh Young; Juniors — Gianna DeVivo, Maddy Herrick, Lidia Melanson, Ella Pelletier.
Key losses: Saige Winslow (D; season-ending injury), Ashley Richardson (M/F).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Chloe Grover (M), Kerrigan Watson (D).
Season outlook: The Vikings have a strong returning group of starters, and an extremely positive dynamic during the summer and preseason that is in large part, according to Moore, due to the leadership and personalities of the upperclassmen. “They want to achieve and they’re willing to put the work in to do so,” she said. Some of the Vikings’ strongest and most reliable players during Moore’s tenure are now upperclassmen, and she said they are setting quality examples for an energetic group of freshmen.

Coach: Juan Bustamante (first year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 2-12
Key returning athletes: Seniors — Gretchen Paradis (D), Thea Thornton (F), Jill Barnes (G); Juniors — Arianna Gammon (F), Olivia Austin (M).
Key losses: Eleven graduated players, including eight starters.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Phoebe Paradis, Delilah Farrington.
Season outlook: Bustamante said the Knights’ goal in his first year at the helm of the program is simple: Improve on last year’s record and be a more competitive team. He said the roster has a strong core of players, despite a large turnover from graduation, and that the team is hard-working and hungry for soccer knowledge. If the Knights can stay healthy and focused, Bustamante believes this group has the potential to have one of the better seasons in the program’s history.

Coach: Jeff Hawksley (fifth year)
Conference: East-West; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: 8-7, lost in D South quarterfinals.
Key returning athletes: Breezy Quimby, Lily Shafer, Nichol Lemay, Natalie Stokes, Angie Woodward.
Key loss: Amelia Stokes.
Season outlook: The Lakers have joined the 8-player class, and with that comes eight opponents who they have never faced before. Hawksley said because of that, it is hard to know how the season will go for Rangeley. “What we do know is that the girls are fit, strong, skilled, committed to each other and willing to work hard on the full-size fields,” he said.

Coach: Jake Turner (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 8-6 (co-op with Dirigo)
Returning athletes: Senior — Megan Craig (MF); Juniors — Kenzi Richards (Center FB), Tateum Leclerc (F), Grace Espaignnette (FB), Ryleigh Pelletier (MF), Tyoaka Hodgkin (G); Sophomores — Rylee Turner (FB), Santika Hodgkin (MF).
Key losses: Emma Towers (G), Jazmin Ryder (F), Ava Moffett (MF), Mackenzie Guay (FB).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Natasha McDonald, Ashley Nelson, Aubrey Mitchell, Adalia Scarbrough, Shaylin Holt.
Season outlook: The Phoenix have added a promising freshman class, according to Jake Turner. The team will be young this year, with just one returning senior. However, Turner said that the team is extremely athletic and versatile “as we strive to improve and compete each and every game.” The Phoenix will be looking to stay competitive and optimistic in a very tough MVC.

Coach: Jarrod Carnrick (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: D South
Last year’s results: 2-11-2, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Avery Gravel (M), Anna Geyer-Shaheen (D), Gigi Errico (D), Rieslynn Bernier (D); Juniors — Anna Theriault (G), Charlie Apodaca (M), Gabby Allen (F), Lauren Naous (M), Leah Herrick (D), Brooklyn Whited (F) Jordynn Bilodeau (M); Sophomores — Nina Brown (F), Ellia Dick (M), Sophia Franciose (M).
Key losses: Natalie Brocke (F), Chloe Whited (D).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Piper Croteau (F), Chloe Croteau (M), Madelynne Stratman (D).
Season outlook: Last year was a difficult one for the Saints, according to Carnrick, “but there were some bright spots that return to the team again this year.” The second-year coach said Class D South is wide open now, and the Saints are hoping to be in the mix a bit more this season.

Coach: Scott White (fourth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: N/A (Co-ed team playing a boys soccer schedule)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Morgan Zetts (F/M), Makenzie Eliot (F/M), Karen Marshall (M/D), Sarah Chase (G); Juniors — Lily Souther (M), Jocelyn Nivus (M), Gabby Thompson (D), Hayley Smith (D/MF/F).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Addy Kimball (M/F), Emma McPherson (D/M), Mya Buck (M/F), Aiva McKay-Montiplaisir (M/F).
Season outlook: The Telstar girls are looking forward to the 8-player format, according to White. “For the first time in years, they will compete with the requisite number of players and have substitutes as well,” he added. White believes the Rebels are up to the challenge and said they are looking forward to an exciting season.

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