Coach: Kyle Rines (10th year)
Conference: East-West; Class: D South
Last year’s results: 4-9-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Justin Lucas (F), Nolan Keene (D), Nolan Breton (D), Brady Trenoweth (D), Brayden Jack (M), Owen Lapointe (D), Kakoa Laliberte (F); Juniors — Seamus Keough (F), Saylor Bourassa (M), Jonas Culleton (M); Sophomores — Gaven Parsons (D), Neil Haylock (D/G), Bobby Bernier (D/G), Tanner Cousineau (F), Blake Muller (M), Jacoby Burmeister (D), Ethan Dutil (F).
Key losses: Ayden Jefferson (D), Gavin Charest (G), Taz Keough (M), Jaiden Jack (D), Cole Brewster (M), Ty White (D), RJ Loring (D), Noah Marston (F).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Braden Cousineau (M); Junior — Cayden Durgin (D/G); Freshmen — Krosby Harvey (F), Ryder Bragg (D/G), Brayden Monto (M), Breydan Ridlon (D), Colby Belanger (D/G), Aaron Smith (M).
Season outlook: The Bucks return to the East-West Conference, where their schedule will include nearly all Class D competitors. Matchups against Richmond and St. Dom’s will be measuring sticks, according to Rines. The Bucks have another large senior class, after graduating one from last year’s team. Finding a new defensive core will be key, after losing all of the starting defenders and goalie to graduation. However, Rines said senior Justin Lucas and freshman Krosby Harvey will be dominant up top.

Coach: Randy DeRoche (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: 3-11 (as a co-op with Spruce Mountain)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Dalton Hodgkins (F), Travis Crosby (G).
Promising newcomers: Mitchell Giberson, Colby Averill.
Season outlook: DeRoche is hoping to build a foundation as the Cougars return to a standalone program, this time in the new 8-player ranks. “We have a lot of sophomores and freshmen that are very talented. My upperclassmen are both leaders on and off the field and they should be a very crucial part of the team,” he said.

Coach: Max Thompson (third year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 14-1-1, reached regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Abdihakim “Dayow” Daud (F), Shukri Hassan (M), Joel Ilunga (D), Kauan “Thiago” Linhares (F), Joe Martel (D), Evan O’Donnell (D), Eli St. Laurent (G); Juniors — Ethan Boucher (M), Ben Cole (M), Nico Ferraro (F), Bode Kunas (F).
Key losses: Mohamed Adow, Caleb Albert, Idris Bashir, Campbell Cassidy, Aden Dafe, Liban Issack, Tudum Monday, Richie Romano, Jose Sebastiao, Jack Thompson, Owen Vincent.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Vladmir Luemba (F), Ibrahim Mohamed (M); Juniors — Elliot Hill (D), Abdulrahman Jashaami (M), Joao “John” Santana (F), Colby Smyth (D); Sophomores — Max Kimble (G), Camden Roy (D), Ngengele Adolphe (D), Breccan Albert (M), Gustavo Santos (D).
Season outlook: Despite losing 11 seniors from last year’s squad, the Red Eddies have the expectation to challenge for a playoff spot again. They will rely heavily on this year’s core of experienced seniors, according to Thompson. Daud and Cole will carry the scoring load, while Hassan will anchor the midfield. Martel and St. Laurent are cornerstones of an otherwise inexperienced defense. Thompson said the team’s success will be dictated by how quickly the new players are able to step up and fill voids.

Coach: Neil Carroll (first year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 5-9-1, lost in regional prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ben Cobb, Luka Rosolino, Andrew Keddy, Nolen Swett, Caden Ouellette, Noah Hebert, Aiden Hebert; Juniors — Carter LaLiberty, Griffin Richmond, Rylee Brooks, Logan Inman; Sophomores — Carter Davis, Isaiah Portas.
Key losses: Max Kenney, Drew Reynolds.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Tristan Cuttler; Freshmen — Logan Timmons, Gavin Deemer.
Season outlook: Carroll takes the reins at his alma mater, hoping to make some changes to the program. That means changes in mindset, training and style of play, and, he said, “hopefully begin the process of rebuilding a competitive program here, starting in 2023.” He added that the team’s expectations are simple: “One, be better than we were yesterday; and two, make our way past the first round of the playoffs.” The Patriots will be asking a lot from the upperclassmen and captains as they begin to find the shape that best suits their personnel, and Carroll said some young players will get some significant minutes this season.

Coach: Ryan Greenlaw (second year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 3-11-0
Returning athletes: Seniors — Vanya Bezhenar (G), Logan Berube (F), Brayden Greenlaw (M/F), Keagan Hawksley (D/M), Gavin Holbrook (D), Cole Johanson (D/M), Reid Sibley (D), Max Thibault (M); Juniors — Alex Corey (K), Jake Dening (M); Sophomores — Serogzha Bezhenar (M), Bradley Dupile (F/M), Antonio Peralta (M/D), Damon Rucci (M), Jett Worcester (M).
Key losses: Nathaniel Bell, Samuel Buckley, Austin Gates, Garrett Gaudin, Declan Giroux, Kurtis Mousseau, Madoxx Taylor.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Drake Bartley (D); Junior — Hunter Milliken (M); Sophomore — Hunter Lemieux (D); Freshman — Colin Schlobohm (M/D).
Season outlook: With what he calls a solid core of returning players, coach Ryan Greenlaw said he thinks the Hornets are poised to finish well in the Class B South standings. Leavitt returns all but one starter on the offensive end, so the team expects to boost its goal output. Vanya Bezhenar provides a strong, reliable presence in net. He, along with Berube, Greenlaw, Thibault and Johanson, will control the center of the field for the Hornets.

Coach: Dan Gish (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 11-5-1, reached regional championship game.
Returning athletes: Abdishakur Nur (D), Payson Goyette (G), Caden Boone (D), Obed Antonio (D), Ahmed Abdow (D), Mustafa Hassan (D), Mohamed Gabow (F), Jacinto Mavinga (F), Nasip Abdi (M), Eden Likibi (M), Nolan Cote (D).
Key losses: Abdinasir Elmi, Shafi Ibrahim (Kimball Union), David Abd (Thomas), Abduljabaar Hersi (UMF), Hamza Nur (USM), Kudra Heri.
Promising newcomers: Mechi Mbele, Tegra Mbele, Isaac Bellemore, Abdimalik Nur, Belmiro Bengue, Annimear Ibrahim, Yahouba Katou, Will Diamond-Stanic, Abdirauf Hersi, Pedro Sabastio, Amilton Dominque, Steve Sambwila.
Season outlook: Despite reaching the regional final last year, the Blue Devils feel that they didn’t accomplish what they set out to do, according to Gish. This year’s team combines skillful experience and young talent, and this season so far has been focused and positive. Gish said the team will focus on getting better and taking one game at a time.


Coach: Shawn Rhoda (fifth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 9-5-1, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Key returning athletes: Seniors — Nick Perkins, Owen Booker; Juniors — Gerek Theriault, Ayden Barr.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Elijah Loulins; Freshmen — Brandon Long, JT Hoyle, Cooper Story, Spencer Franks.
Season outlook: Rhoda said that the Greyhounds have been working hard throughout the summer and preseason trying to create their identity as a team. They are looking to be competitive in the MVC and want to grow strong as a team as the season goes along. Rhoda said he is very excited about both this year’s team and the future of the program.

Coach: Joe Fletcher (13th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: D South
Last year’s results: 12-3-1, reached regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kyle Palleschi (M), Zeke Delorme (G), Patrick Strout (M), Luke Harmon (D), Brandon Smith (M).
Key losses: Matt Marquis (D), Hunter Frost (G), Ryan Michaud (M).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Jacob Harmon, Noah Schultz, Devon Sangermano.
Season outlook: The Mustangs have been moved down to Class D with the shifting of classification numbers due to the inception of 8-player soccer. Their schedule will include some new opponents in perennial contenders Maranacook and North Yarmouth Academy. Fletcher said this looks to be a very challenging regular season for Monmouth, but he expects the Mustangs to compete and be in the mix for the MVC championship. The team will look to Palleschi, Strout, Harmon, Smith, Delorme and Dalton Comeau to lead them to the Class D South playoffs. Defense will continue to be the benchmark for the Mustangs, according to Fletcher, but he has some concerns on the offensive side. The Mustangs will need to figure out how to convert opportunities into goals.

Coach: Dylan Cayer (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 2-10-2
Returning athletes: Caleb Gamache, Nate Gamache, Aidan Granados, Owen Sevigny, Brody Jamison, Nate Gallant, Jake New.
Key losses: Iain Gurney, Zach New, Tyler Skillings.
Promising newcomers: Khalil Hamdi, Sawyer Durant, Ryder Harding, Cash Provencher, Garret Nadeau.
Season outlook: The Falcons will have an experienced team this season. Cayer said they’ve grown significantly as players, so he’s confident that Mountain Valley will be a tough side to face. He noted that how the season might go is up in the air, as many of the Falcons’ opponents in the past are now playing 8-player soccer, meaning this year’s schedule has a different look than previous seasons.

Coach: Darren Allen (17th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 15-2, reached regional championship game.
Returning athletes: Morgan Thibodeau (M), Payton Mitchell (M), Sam Cockerham (F), Bear Rollins (F), Killian Pillsbury (F), Bryce Wilcox (B), Ash Rollins (B), Andrew Rother (B), Trey Reed (G), Logan Dube (G).
Key losses: James Haynes (F), Tre Pease (B), Kaden Pillsbury (M), Charlie Pye (F), Tucker Plouffe (B).
Promising newcomers: Cam Frost-Grey (B), Kaiden Longely (B/F), Jamie Hering (M/F), Chase Ross (M), Max Dexter, Harrison Thomas (B), Mike Wilkens (B), Brennan Mitchell (F).
Season outlook: Allen said the Roadrunners learned many lessons from last season, when they lost in the C South final for the second straight year, and they look to face adversity and overcome it this season. The team will be playing one of the toughest schedules it has had in a long time, according to Allen, including games against Gardiner, Mt. Blue and Greely. The Roadrunners return several players from the back-to-back regional finalists, including, in Allen’s opinion, two of the top players in Class C in Morgan Thibodeau and Payton Mitchell. Allen added that first-year player Chase Ross turned heads in the preseason. The Roadrunners’ defense will look to stay solid after allowing just eight goals during the regular season the past two years.

Coach: Zac Conlogue (second year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 5-8-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Chase Ranger (G), Finley Ward (M), JJ Greenlaw (M), Trent Beaudoin (D), Tim Williamson (D), James Stinson (G/M), Elijah Walker (F), Levi Bogar (M); Juniors — Gage DeCarolis (D), Kaden Smith (M), Elias Bartlett (D); Sophomores — Nate Zeliger (F), Julian Reynolds (F), Lincoln Tierney (F), Dylan Hamlin (D), Eli Kalchik (D), Kooper Keller (G).
Key losses: Will Mayhew, Alex Mayhew, Kyedn Thomas.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Ricardo Bambozzi (D); Juniors — Jose Gutierrez (F), Grayson Hoeft (M); Sophomores — Nick Overton (F), Cameron Ranger (D), Connor Greenleaf (D); Freshman — Luc Walker.
Season outlook: Mt. Blue looks to continue its growth from last year and make a run in a competitive Class A North in its second season under Conlogue. After fielding a young team in 2022, this year’s Cougars have experience, mixed with younger players ready to take big roles, Conlogue said. The Cougars feature a roster with a number of versatile players who can play a number of different positions, which will help create multiple different looks to help create scoring chances.

Coach: Bill Worth (seventh year); assistant: Jeff Lemont (fourth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 10-6, reached C South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Cade Fessenden, Cooper Spencer, Landen Denis, Landon Bangs, Lukas Bergeron, Nathan Straw, Noah Laframboise; Juniors — Drew Hatala, Eli Gosselin, Ethan Lemont, Isaac Greenwood, Jeremy Ballstaedt, Jordan Castonguay; Sophomores — Braden New, Brandon Plourde, Gabe Rackliffe, Joshua Lane, Kaiden Levesque, Tristan Hyde, Wyatt Blier.
Key losses: Ethan Vattaso, Grayson Letourneau, Cole Saucier, Jamie Bergeron, Adam Greenwood.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Connor Stonier, Jayden Pomerleau, Miles Saucier, Rocco Mastrianno.
Season outlook: The Raiders have quite a few seasoned players this year, and Worth said they have been playing as a team for several years and know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and skills. That experience will be tested, with Oak Hill facing new teams in conference crossover matchups and, if the Raiders qualify for the postseason, Class B opponents in the playoffs.


Coach: Joshua Kennison (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 2-12
Returning athletes: Seniors — Sam Paladino (G), Adam Gwarjanski (D), Talen Langevin (M), Aden Swett (D), Brycin Vachon (D), Campbell Hill (D), Travis West (D/M); Juniors — Caleb Googins (M), Breck Langevin (M), Oliver Olson (M); Sophomores — Ethan Swett (D), Cohen Demuth (F).
Key losses: Tim Gray, Nolan Garey, Drew Saylor, Lyric Levasseur.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Zeno Marangon (F); Freshmen — Mason Fuller (F), Nick Jamo (M/D), Eliot Rioux (G), William Wallingford (F/M), Levi Gammon (M), Dylan Cobb (G).
Season outlook: The Knights are ready for what Kennison believes will be an exciting season, with Paladino in goal, an upgraded offense and a supporting cast of freshmen. Kennison admitted that the WMC is always loaded, but the Knights have their eyes on “the dance” that is the postseason. “That’s our goal,” he said. The second-year coach said the team had a fantastic preseason.

Coach: Rowenna Hathaway (third year)
Conference: East-West; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: 9-7, reached Class D South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Tucker Beaulier, Barrett Quimby; Juniors — Zak Madrid (G), Anthony Whittier, Parker Smith, Ryder Sargent, Caleb Slagg; Sophomore — Alex Hathaway; Freshmen — Sam Morrill, Kaysyn Woike.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Jeremy Robishaw; 8th-graders — Eben Laliberte, Troy Hathaway, Braylon Heatley.
Season outlook: Moving into the inaugural 8-player classification is a new adventure, according to coach Rowenna Hathaway. The Lakers will be playing against opponents they’ve never faced before, but Hathaway said the players are excited to take on this new challenge. “The energy on this team is positive and these athletes work together well and support each other,” Hathaway said. Rangeley lost a lot of seniors from last year’s team, including four defenders, but it has opened up an opportunity for some of the younger players to step up as leaders.

Coach: Adam Gettle (sixth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: 8-player South
Last year’s results: 3-11 (as a co-op with Dirigo)
Returning athletes: Senior — Jesse Lewis (M); Sophomores — Wyatt Foss (D), Matthew Harding (D), Trevor Hogan (M/G), Joshua Jackson (F), Blake Gemelli (M/G).
Key losses: Lucas Towers, Nate Holland, Matthew St. Pierre, Casey Gould, Daniel Wilson, Logan Knight, Caleb Parlin, Chance Brooks, Braden Cottle, Darryl Curtis, Carter Pitcher, Caleb Shaw.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Jonathan Hines (F), Domonic Webster (G/D), Jacolby Jackson (M), Brody Veilleux (D), Camden Smith (D), Myles Godbey (D).
Season outlook: The Phoenix graduated eight seniors who played positions all across the field. This year’s team is much younger, so Gettle expects this season, the state’s first of 8-player soccer, to be a learning year for the incoming freshmen and a building year for the program. “While our team values, integrity, commitment and unity have not changed, how we play the game that we all grew up playing has been shaken in some way with this new modification of 8-man soccer,” he said. The change is great for the Phoenix, Gettle added, because it allows a program with reduced numbers to still compete. However, he admitted that teaching a new style to players who have only ever known 11-player soccer is a challenge.

Coach: Darine Gnidehoue (first year)
Conference: WMC; Class: D South
Last year’s results: 5-9-2, reached regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Aiden Walling (M), Ashton Hammond (M), Connor Cyr (D/G), Garrett Kendall (M), Tim Ouellette (F); Juniors — Brockton Morissette (D), Jack Gilpatric (D), Jonathan Tangilamesu (D), Matt Fecteau (F); Sophomores — Brody Walling (M), Daniel Iwuanayanwu (M), Dmitri Keene (D), Ethan Egdall (M), Harper Borden (M), Joseph Adams (D), Hayden Emery (M/F), Riley Daigle (G).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Themis Pappas (D); Freshmen — Ian Cyr (M/F), Donel Tangilamesu (D), Eddie Cobb (M).
Season outlook: The Saints add a healthy mix of talented newcomers to a group of experienced upperclassmen who are hungry for more after last year’s playoff exit, according to new head coach Gnidehoue. “Those upperclassmen are acting as great leaders and mentors for those newcomers, and there is a sense of togetherness growing within the team,” he said. “Our goal this season is to continue to build on what we started last year, and to be in the mix for the Class D state championship.”

Coach: John Baehr (fifth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 8-7, lost in regional prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gabe Corey (F), Teddy Wagner (F) Max Cheng (CB); Juniors — Will Grant (B), Jaxson August (G), Issac Breau (M), Finn Barrett (B); Sophomore — Evan Bilodeau (M).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Cru Presti (B), Connor Hachey (M), Keenan Libby (M), Tristan Chapman (M), Jackson O’Hearn (F); Freshmen — Nick Wagner (M), Ben Cheng (M).
Season outlook: Baehr said the team is looking to get better every day, on and off the pitch. The Ramblers are hoping to be competitive in every game they play.

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