Robert Reed’s rebuttal published Aug. 26 really drove home the issues of a runaway economy that we Americans face today with no relief in sight.

I thought it was a well written piece; he used great examples of what so many Americans are facing today.

However, he forgot to mention anything about the last four years or so. Four years of situations like the Suez shutdown, COVID-19 and its effect on economies globally, the Ukraine invasion and resulting food, political and economic upheavals, and an economy that won’t slow down, are a few of the issues that have created “the perfect storm” for economies worldwide.

All these happened during two presidencies, by the way. Those who don’t believe me can ask any eighth grader — they’ll know. I wonder why he forgot.

The saying “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts” carries weight. But trying to blame any one person for this mess is ludicrous at best.

So, Biden is not Robert’s guy; great. But what would he suggest Biden do to fix all these issues?


I’m Democrat, and I’ve made clear my objection to some of the party’s agendas or policies. As a voter, that’s my job.

Our “employees,” the politicians, need to know and understand that we can’t submit to a total and blind party allegiance to them.

Mudslinging like this needs to stop.

Joe Mailey, Auburn

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