Wilton Town Manager Perry Ellsworth, center, discusses with the Select Board the best way to form a hiring committee on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Ellsworth announced his resignation in July and is making sure Wilton is in a good position with a new town manager. Brian Ponce/Franklin Journal

WILTON — The Wilton Town Office is seeking volunteers for a hiring committee for the new town manager. Requirements include residency in the Town of Wilton and the deadline for applications is Sunday, Oct. 1.

According to current Town Manager Perry Ellsworth, they have at least seven applicants with two that have experience in the position at other towns. “It’s really up to you at this point,” he told the Select Board Tuesday, Sept. 5.

The Select Board voted to post a listing for town manager on Tuesday, Aug. 15, with the link to the application going live the next day. According to Ellsworth, the deadline for applications for town manager is Friday, Sept. 15.

Ellsworth asked the board how it would like to proceed with the hiring process, with Selectperson Mikes Wells suggesting bringing more community members onto the hiring committee.

“I’ve had somebody reach out to me in the past about being on the committee to search for the next town manager,” Wells told the Select Board. “So, I don’t think it’s uncommon to want some input from local townspeople, but my opinion is we ought to have an application process, just like it is for any board.”

“My only concern,” Selectperson David Leavitt followed up, “I don’t disagree with Mike, but the more you open the process up, the longer it’s going to take.”


Perry Ellsworth formally announced his resignation in July with his anticipated final day set for the first of November. However, according to Leavitt, in order to make that deadline, they would have to offer someone the position by the end of September.

“We wouldn’t want Perry to work beyond hunting season,” Leavitt added.

“Perry will work till you find somebody,” Ellsworth responded. He has stated several times that he will not vacate the position until a viable candidate is secured and formally trained.

“If [Nov. 1] is going to be as realistic as we would like, I want you to take the time to hire somebody that you want to hire and not just hire somebody,” Ellsworth told the Select Board.

Leavitt suggested after the application deadline to narrow the pool of candidates to at least three realistic candidates. Chairperson Tiffany Maiuri suggested sending out applications for community members to be involved in the hiring committee simultaneously to the application for town manager.

The Select Board set a tentative timeline for the remainder of September, wherein they plan to hold an executive session to narrow down the pool of candidates for town manager, while also putting together a committee featuring members of office staff, Public Works Department and volunteers from the community if there are applicants.

Leavitt and other members of the board felt two members of the public would be sufficient, with Keith Swett suggesting having alternates in case people are unavailable.

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