At its Sept. 5 meeting, when the Auburn City Council was considering zoning changes, a citizen came forward to share his opposing view on those changes.

When that citizen returned to his seat, Mayor Jason Levesque advised councilors that they should not take legal advice from individuals who are not “admitted to the bar.”

Moments later, Mayor Levesque, who is not an attorney or admitted to the bar, presented a fervent lecture on the legalities of the issue at hand in an apparent attempt to sway the council to vote his way — even declaring that if the council followed community suggestions, it would be breaking the law.

He then declared that the charter requires him to give such (legal) advice. I read the charter. It does not.

I am outraged at Mr. Levesque’s flagrant hypocrisy and his forceful attempts to manipulate community members and leaders to advance his own agenda.

Mara King, Auburn

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