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Sheba is an 8 year-old female Shiba Inu. Submitted photo

Meet Sheba, the quintessential Shiba Inu whose spirited personality is as captivating as her beautiful appearance.

Personality: Sheba embodies all the traits that make Shiba Inus unique – independence, intelligence, and a dash, ok maybe a bit more than a dash, of stubbornness. Her spirited demeanor and strong-willed nature make her a companion full of character. Her ability to communicate her opinions with conviction and her unwavering loyalty to those she bonds with make her a truly remarkable dog.

Experience Required: Sheba’s breed-specific traits require a home with experience handling Shiba Inus. Her spirited nature demands understanding and patience, making her a perfect fit for those who appreciate this captivating breed. She is good with both dogs and cats as long as they are respectful of her boundaries.

Unique Needs: Sheba’s separation anxiety and medical needs call for a dedicated family willing to provide the care and attention she deserves. Her anti-seizure medication regimen and her distinctive communication style are part of her special character.

If you’re ready for a companion with Shiba Inu charm, Sheba is the perfect match. Embrace the privilege of sharing your life with a spirited and opinionated dog who will make every day a unique adventure. Adopt Sheba and embark on a journey of mutual understanding, loyalty, and the delightful quirks that make her a truly remarkable companion.


Brisket, a male pitbull mix, is 4-6 years old. Submitted photo

Meet your new best friend Brisket! He’s in that perfect age range—past the rambunctious puppy phase but still full of playful spirit. His personality hits all the marks! He’s lovely, squishy, and people-adoring. Brisket is an absolute sweetheart! His loving nature and warm demeanor make him the perfect companion for cozy snuggles and cheerful playdates.

Compatibility: Great with people, animals, and kids, as well as a social butterfly who enjoys the company of both two-legged and four-legged friends. With his affectionate nature, we believe Brisket would be an excellent addition to a loving family with kids. His gentle demeanor is sure to capture the hearts of all family members. He likes snacks, walks, cozy cuddles.

Brisket loves his daily strolls. He’ll happily join you on adventures while enjoying a leisurely pace, making him the perfect walking buddy. His main dislikes are rain, and not getting enough attention!

Rainy days are not Brisket’s cup of tea, so cozy indoor snuggles are in order when the weather turns gloomy.Come meet Brisket today and experience the joy he brings into your life!

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