It is very unfortunate that the Lewiston Planning Board is obstinate in its justification for denying the Ramada Inn for sheltering the homeless. Its members should be considering solutions for how to make it feasible for the homeless, instead of kicking the problem of a solution into the future.

One option would be to divide every other room in half adding it to the next room. That would allow 135 feet extra to each of the side rooms, making each unit now 405 square feet.

This would decrease the total population that would reside at the Ramada Inn. But this would at least provide a major solution for the homeless. The end rooms that could not be enlarged in this method could be used as counseling rooms.

I would suggest not putting in kitchen units to reduce the costs of renovation. As this is transitional housing, it would be best to have the residents eat in a communal dining room. This would help to bring residents to socialize and allow for counselors to interact each and every day to assess the progress of the residents.

The large meeting rooms could be utilized for recreational, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or whatever other programs necessary for the needs of residents to allow them to transition to employment and be able to sustain themselves in assimilating into the general public.

Donald Michaud, Auburn

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