REGION — The monthly deadline for the Hope Fund, a program set up through United Way of the Tri-Valley Area, is set for Sept. 21. Applications may be completed online or in person at the United Way office at 218 Fairbanks Road in Farmington.

Established in June of 2017, the Hope Fund’s intent is to provide assistance for unmet needs of children in greater Franklin County, Livermore and Livermore Falls, with an emphasis on removing barriers to enable low-income children to engage in a wide variety of enriching experiences in which they would not otherwise be able to participate.

“I brought forward the idea to support youth from families that couldn’t afford to pay for the extracurricular activities for their child,” Executive Director Kendra Baker told the Livermore Falls Advertiser, “such as a sport, dance, cheering, summer camp, driver’s education, horse riding or swimming lessons, etc.”

“As a parent of children that participated year-round in sports and other activities,” she continued, “I often saw parents struggle or have to explain to their child that they couldn’t participate because it was too expensive to pay the fee for the activity, and never mind if the child needed any other additional supplies, like cleats, shin guards, dance/cheer shoes/outfits or if there were multiple children in the family.”

The Hope Fund review committee meets on the first Thursday of every month to review applications. UWTVA stresses that the program is for low-income families and is not a scholarship program.

Since the Hope Fund was established, 415 youth have received funding for a total of more than $52,000. According to UWTVA, 26% of the requests have been from Farmington, with 17% from Wilton, 15% from Jay, 15% from Livermore Falls and 27% from other greater Franklin County towns. The age group that is the biggest recipient of funds is those between the ages of four and nine.


“We have many pictures, cards, and letters from parents and youth that have been helped by the Hope Fund,” Baker shared. “There are two stories that stand out. The first was a boy that received $100 in funding for his activity in late spring/early summer and he sent pictures. Then in the winter he came into the office with a gift for UWTVA and a donation of $100 towards the Hope Fund.

“The other is of a girl who received funding to attend a summer camp which she had attended for a few years, but due to her dad losing his job, the family couldn’t afford the tuition.

“She was on track to be an understudy for a camp counselor. Not only did she send pictures and drawings during her time, but then also followed up the next summer to report to the UWTVA and the Hope Fund committee that she had worked hard to be a camp counselor and that she passed, so she was able to get a scholarship from the camp to cover most of the family’s tuition and she wanted to thank us for the opportunity.”

Individuals may apply, but agencies, caseworkers, school officials, are also encouraged to apply to the United Way on behalf of a child/client as long as the parent or guardian gives permission. Generally, awards will not exceed $200 per request for individuals.

Applicants can receive funding twice per year and must be under 18 years of age or providing services to those under 18. Parents must sign a waiver allowing the Hope Fund committee to review the application and share information with the committee. This form also gives permission for the child to participate in an activity or use equipment if funded.

For more information about the Hope Fund and when the next monthly deadline will be, visit or call [207] 778-5048.

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