9:14 p.m. — In conclusion, that was a great game.

9:10 — Carpenter takes a knee. Leavitt beats Oxford Hills 21-14. Seems like Hornets have earned the title of best team in Maine.

9:09 — Carpenter run brings up 3rd-and-6. 21 seconds left. Oxford Hills timeout.

9:07 — Carpenter stopped for not gain. Clock running. Less than a minute left.

9:06 — Incomplete. Turnover on downs. 1:25 left. Leavitt ball. Oxford Hills has one timeout.

9:05 — Truman throws it out of bounds. Fourth down. Ball on 33. 1:33 to go.


9:04 — Truman to Laverdiere. Third and 4. About 2 minutes left.

9:03 — Truman to Logan Spencer for about 5 yards, but a personal foul on Leavitt moves the ball to the Leavitt 40-yard line. 3:02 left.

9:02 — Truman to Eli Laverdiere for a first down.

9:01 p.m. — 3rd-and-8. 3:40 left.

9:00 — Truman runs left and picks up the first down.

8:59 — Brady Truman runs in on third down. A yard short. 4th-and-1. Vikings are at about their own 20. Five minutes left. Big decision for Oxford Hills here.


8:57 p.m. — Watch the finish of the game here:

8:56 — This game has lived up to the hype, eh?

8:55 — Carpenter almost picks off another pass.

8:55 — Leavitt punts. Personal foul on Oxford Hills puts the Vikings deep in their own side of the field. Starting drive at the 10.

8:54 — Incomplete pass. 4th and 11

8:53 — Alex Bartlett takes down Carpenter for a loss. 3rd-and-11 for Leavitt.


8:52 — Holden Shaw bats down pass for Oxford Hills.

8:51 — Oxford Hills punts, but it doesn’t go far. Leavitt has good field position. 7:36 left in the game.

8:50 — Leavitt stuffs Oxford Hills on third-and-short. Brings up fourth-and-5.

8:48 — Leavitt puts. Long return by Nick Binette puts the Vikings near midfield.

8:46 — Leavitt calls a timeout before punting. Nine and a half minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

8:45 — Oxford Hills’ defense has been a lot more formidable in the second half. Leavitt facing 4th-and-11.


8:43 — Noah Carpenter interception. Leavitt takes the ball back at the Hornets’ 42.

8:41 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Leavitt 21, Oxford Hills 14.

8:40 — Truman to Logan Spencer picks up the first down. Oxford Hills up to about their own 35-yard line. Still a lot of field to go.

8:39 — Wrong again. Offsetting penalties. 3rd-and-16. Again.

8:38 — Truman to Murch doesn’t quite pick up the first down, but it looks like a penalty on Leavitt will.

8:37 — Check that. Penalty on Leavitt. Should be 3rd-and-16.


8:36 — Looks like another false start on Vikings. If so, 3rd-and-26.

8:35 — False start makes it 3rd-and-21. About a minute left in third quarter.

8:34 — Another bad snap, but Oxford Hills recovers again. Brings up 3rd-and-16.

8:33 — The effect of the Vikings’ latest fumbled snap is overcome by a screen pass to Logan Spencer for a nice gain.

8:30 — Oxford Hills has fumbled three snaps. The Vikings haven’t lost any, but they have been detrimental to field position.

8:29 — Leavitt’s first drive of the first quarter ends in punt. Oxford Hills takes over on its own 10.


8:24 — Brady Truman throws a touchdown pass to Braden Murch. Leavitt 21, Oxford 14.

8:23 — Oxford Hills’ opening drive has reached the Leavitt 29-yard line.

8:17 — Second half underway.

8:11 — Oxford Hills will receive the second-half kickoff.

7:53 — HALFTIME: Leavitt 21, Oxford Hills 7.

7:51 — Noah Carpenter leads Leavitt down the field and tosses a TD pass to Aiden Turcotte with eight seconds left in the half. Hornets lead 21-7.


7:46 — Brady Truman, on the run, throws at touchdown pass to Nick Binette. Leavitt’s lead down to 14-7 with 37 seconds left in the first half.

7:40 — Leavitt punts. Oxford Hills starts on Hornets side of the field with about two minutes left in the half.

7:35 — Oxford Hills punts the ball away.

7:27 — Oxford Hills forces punt. The Vikings next drive starts at their own 5-yard line.

7:24 — Brandon Bilodeau intercepts a big pass for Leavitt.

7:20 — Will Keach scores Leavitt’s second touchdown. Hornets lead 14-0 early in the second quarter.


7:18 — End of the first quarter: Leavitt 7, Oxford Hills 0.

7:11 — Landon Daigle makes an interception for Leavitt in the end zone. Oxford Hills’ first drive comes up empty.

7:09 — Oxford Hills’ first drive is nearing the red zone. Heavy dose of Hunter Tardiff runs so far.

7:00 — On the third offensive play, Leavitt QB Noah Carpenter runs up the middle for a long touchdown. About 57 yards. Leavitt leads 7-0.

6:59 — Leavitt receives the kickoff and Maddox Demers picks up a first down on the opening offensive play.

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