If state Rep. Mike Soboleski — who is running next year against U.S. Rep. Jared Golden — wants the America he grew up in, he should be supporting higher taxes for the wealthy, better wages for working people, affordable health care, affordable housing and affordable education.

No one has solved the immigration “problem” since the U.S. decided to close its doors, because it is related to the humanitarian crises around the globe. Neither has any administration solved the drug problem since Richard Nixon began the “war on drugs” in 1973.

And if he’s concerned about losing freedoms, ask a woman, a Black person, an LGBTQ person, or a mother whose child was killed by a gun, who is threatening their freedoms. The GOP has no stated policies that would achieve these goals or solve these problems.

Jared Golden ain’t perfect, and I don’t agree with all his votes, but the Democratic Party is doing a lot more to solve our problems and make America greater than Trump or the radical right. I’ll vote blue for America’s future.

William Phillips, Auburn

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