Donald Trump’s not going through anything for anyone but himself.

He’s not protecting anyone. It’s his own fault for not obeying the law which is America’s Constitution. He wants to terminate the Constitution he vowed to defend if elected president again. He claims the legal system holding him accountable will stop his followers from being held accountable for the same crimes he committed.

So I have to ask, how many Americans have committed the crimes Trump’s accused of and indicted for? Trump was found liable for sexual abuse. He committed adultery, then paid for silence. His tax-free nonprofit charitable foundation was used as his personal slush fund.

Trump lost the election but claims he won. When losing his job as president Trump took U.S.-owned documents, then refused to give them back.

Trump is the only president who attempted a coup to stay in power ending America’s democracy. He incited his MAGAs to attack America’s capitol. He destroyed evidence. He cries witch hunt, witch hunt because he’s being investigated for crimes he committed. He’s a grifter, a swindler begging for money when he has plenty.

People have been prosecuted for keeping classified documents. Sandy Berger concealed and removed classified documents from the National Archives, and paid a $50,000 fine. Col. Benjamin Bishop received seven years for keeping national defense documents. General David Petraeus received two years probation and a $100,000 fine for sharing classified material.

It’s a given that anyone guilty of the crimes Trump’s is accused of committing is going to prison.

Deanne Danforth, Wilton

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