Name: Joshua Nagine

Age: 49

Occupation: Commercial manager, Driveaway Holidays/Auto Europe Australia

Political experience: Current Planning Board member

Why do you think you’re the most qualified, or best candidate for this seat?

With two decades of immersive community experience, volunteering in various aspects of nonprofit and experience in economic and community development initiatives, I believe I have a strong understanding of our people, our unique challenges and advantages, the needs of my ward, where we should focus, and where we have been.


Please name two issues that you believe are critical to Lewiston’s future, and how you would address them.

Housing and economic development go hand in hand to improve our residents’ quality of life and help to create equitable, healthy, and prosperous communities people choose to visit, work, live, and invest in. Without building for the community now with an eye for the future, we risk balancing wants and needs against a shrinking and burdensome tax levy, further displacing our workforce, and limiting private economic investment. Sustainable models of economic and community development require that our staff, elected and appointed officials, business and development interests, and residents work together for forward progress. One of my focuses will be to incentivize and facilitate that process.

What actions will you take to support businesses and grow the local economy? 

For the economy, I believe we are on the right track with over 1,000 changes to our zoning, which had become restrictive and burdensome. The next steps are simplifying and automating many processes that are currently onerous and challenging for new and existing businesses and development, creating incentives for businesses to stay here or relocate here, as well as attract new development. Reaffirming the city’s commitment to and support for our existing businesses and especially our Downtown Business District is a top priority for me, as is meaningful investment in and improvements for Lewiston’s “Front Door,” the downtown businesses district and corridors.

What solution do you support to address homelessness in Lewiston? 

One of the immediate needs is more housing in all categories, including temporary and transitional housing. More units on the market, including nontraditional housing options. Rents have skyrocketed due to the market, with high demand, low stock, inflation and rising costs for labor and materials. Removing the shelter overlay and zoning restrictions on housing first models with intentional carve-outs for our business districts is another. Receiving outside funding based on our role as a regional service center is crucial. Homelessness in Lewiston cannot be properly addressed without funding and advocacy, but being a partner in meeting the needs of our unhomed is a municipal and moral obligation.

What do you want voters to know about you?

I live in the Sunnyside neighborhood with my wife, Season, and our dogs, JJ and Mable. I sit on the Lewiston Planning Board, and the following nonprofit boards of directors: Androscoggin Land Trust, Downtown Lewiston Association, Lewiston Farmers Market Association. I also used to own a skateboard shop called Twin City Boarders on Main Street.

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