St. Dominic Academy senior Garrett Kendall loves golf and he loves soccer.

Both sports happen in the fall, but he didn’t want to give up either when he entered high school as a freshman. So Garrett told the golf and soccer coaches that he was going to play both.

Joey Adams, left, Garrett Kendall, center, and Riley Daigle, are key members for the soccer and golf teams at St. Dominic Academy this fall. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

“My freshmen year, my soccer coach didn’t want me to play golf and my golf coach didn’t want me to play soccer,” Kendall, who played both sports that fall, said. “My sophomore and junior year, I told them, basically, to suck it up. This year, I debated not playing soccer because I am trying to play golf in college and I have a couple of coaches talking to me. I just didn’t want to give (soccer) up yet.”

Kendall isn’t the only one competing in both sports: Sophomores Joseph Adams and Riley Daigle are also double-dipping.

The three and their golf teammates will compete for the Class C state championship Monday on the Arrowhead course at Natanis Golf Club. The Class A and C state tournaments were moved from Saturday due to rain in the forecast. Last year, the Saints finished second in Class C.

Like Kendall, Adams and Daigle have a love for golf and for soccer.


Adams said it’s been good to have Kendall playing both sports. The senior has paved the way, and also given Adams ride to practices and games.

“It has gotten me closer to Garrett,” Adams said. “I was able to jump in with him for a lot of things; it helped out a lot.”

Daigle is in his first year of playing both sports after only playing soccer in 2022.

“I played golf all summer and I just decided to play both this year,” Daigle said.

Chris Whitney, St. Dom’s golf coach, and Darine Gnidehoue, the boys soccer coach, support the athletes doing both sports.

“I think it’s awesome,” Gnidehoue said. “The schedules don’t conflict with each other that often. It’s cool that they can be active as much as they are. Garrett seems to be a standout golfer as well as a standout soccer player. Overall, I am super happy that they are as successful on the soccer team as they are on the golf team.”


Whitney said supporting the athletes choice to play both sports builds trust.

“You have to trust the kids,” Whitney said. “If you can show the trust in them, they will work hard for you on the other end.”

Kendall is a midfielder on the soccer team. Adams is a defenseman and Daigle is the starting goalie. The three are among the Saints’ top seven golfers.

Whitney watched one of their soccer games, against Lake Region on Sept. 21, and received a scare less than a week before the Western Maine Conference state qualifier.

“The one soccer game I decided to support the guys at, I watch (Kendall) get taken down from behind and his ankle swells up,” Whitney said. “I sat there, swallowing my fear because the qualifier was the next week.”

Kendall recovered enough by Sept. 27 to earn medalist honors at the WMC Class C qualifier, shooting a 5-under-par 77, and leading St. Dom’s to a first-place finish. Adams finished ninth and Daigle 20th.


The two teams’ schedules haven’t always matched up perfectly.

One instance that they didn’t was when the golf team had a match against North Yarmouth Academy and York at Toddy Brook in North Yarmouth, while the soccer team was playing at Sacopee Valley. Kendall did double-duty that day, while Daigle and Adams only played soccer.

“Garrett went shot a 38, rolls off the course, hops into his car, and drives to Sacopee Valley to play soccer with Riley and Joe,” Whitney said.

Kendall didn’t miss much of the 6 p.m. soccer game.

“He made it there halfway through the first half,” Gnidehoue said. “He showed up and we won the game. I am sure he was pretty tired.”

Adams and Daigle also play hockey in the fall with the Twin City Gladiators organization. So some days are pretty long.


“I also play hockey, as well, and it’s very tiring sometimes,” Adams said. “Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don’t get home until 10:30 sometimes. I do it because I love all the sports that I play.”

Gnidehoue said that because the players are in shape he doesn’t have to manage their minutes.

“I will say I am very impressed with them,” Gnidehoue said. They have never used having two practices as an excuse. Typically, they have golf after soccer. Joey, Riley and Garrett have always worked hard at practice or games. I am happy with the work ethic they put in.”

Whitney said golf schedule provides built-in rest for the players.

“We don’t practice Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays,” Whitney said. “I never have as a high school golf coach. The kids who are top-line golfers have those memberships and they have the ability to make a tee time to practice if they want. You look at these kids and you give them the weekend to rest their bodies. Sunday, they will have a day off from soccer. They don’t do much over the weekend that way.”

Teammates, friends and classmates question Kendall, Adams and Daigle’s desire and ability to find time to play two sports in one season?


“A lot of them think I am crazy,” Adams said. “A lot of them ask me how I manage it. I told them I don’t know, but I do.”

So what is the trio’s key to managing their time? Get as much work done in school.

“Use your study halls and do your homework,” Kendall said.

They make sure to stay on top of their academics.

“Sometimes I will skip a practice to do my homework so I can have some free time,” Daigle said.

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