The last time I looked at our nation’s Constitution it said that “we the people” were still in charge.

I know and acknowledge that we as a society have been very remiss in holding the government’s feet to the fire over who is in charge. Until changed, the courts still say it is the people and as such we still have the right of free speech.

The multiple attempts by school boards to muffle free speech have given rise to many thoughts. Perhaps if our schools were still teaching the 3R’s and not trying to expand LGBTQ agendas these school board meetings would not be facing these problems. It does seem that as all these expanded issues go well beyond teaching reading, writing and arithmetic.

Do the school boards understand this simple concept? They should.

One wonders why civics classes were done away with and similar common sense history ignored, as proven by “man on the street” questions indicating a very poor knowledge by citizens at large, and it ought to embarrass school administrators and teachers.

Yet here we are arguing over books that would embarrass the heck out of our grandparents. Seems our whole education system has sold out to Satan.

Is it any wonder that many parents are giving up on public schools in favor of in-home or private religious schools?

It seems our education system is in need of some serious review and changes. Therefore the Maine School Management Association is barking up the wrong tree.

George Fogg, Auburn

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