As a retired, lifelong Mainer, I’m voting no on Question 3 because I believe it would increase our costs, not lower them.

I am against any government takeover of our utilities, and that’s what this is — a seizure of private companies using eminent domain. And putting elected politicians in charge of our electric grid strikes me as simply foolish.

If those aren’t reasons enough to vote no, here’s one more — the cost. The ballot question says Pine Tree Power will “acquire” existing utilities. Well, we are the ones who must pay for that acquisition, and every number I’ve seen is at least $10 billion.

I have nine children and 38 grandchildren, and I know they would be the ones stuck with decades of debt payments.

At a time when so many people are struggling to make ends meet and our high cost of living is forcing some to sell their homes, why in the world would we ever agree to let the state borrow billions to buy things we’re already using? Imagine how much higher Maine taxes would be when the state’s finally done with this spending spree.

Pine Tree Power’s supporters are making a lot of promises, some of them aimed at older folks like me. Voters shouldn’t fall for them. Question 3 would raise our electric bills, increase our taxes and give us an even more bloated state government.

It’s up to us to stop this madness. I am voting no on Question 3 this Nov. 7.

Susan Madore, Lewiston

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