100 Years Ago: 1923

Opportunity Farm New Gloucester is rejoicing in the addition of a new barn to its buildings. This is to be opened for inspection Saturday afternoon from two to five, rain or shine. Not only the men but the  women are invited. The Opportunity Farm quartette will sing. There will be a display of farm products showing what good work is being done there agriculturally.

50 Years Ago: 1973

The Senate Rules Committee Tuesday asked for an Internal Revenue Service audit of Vice President-designate Gerald R. Ford’s income tax returns. Chairman Howard W. Cannon, D-Nev., said the committee also is seeking access to Ford’s tax returns for the last seven years, a period coinciding with his service as House Republican leader. Cannon told newsmen these are part of the background materials the committee wants for its public hearings on Ford’s nomination to replace Spiro T. Agnew, who resigned as vice president last week.

No date was set for the start of the hearings for the unprecedented request for an IRS audit of Ford’s tax returns over the last five years, but Cannon said his guess is that they would begin about Oct. 30 or 31. Ford already has said he would make his tax returns available, along with a statement of his financial affairs. He has said he owns no stocks or bonds other than $9,000 of debentures in a business that was family owned.

Cannon said he has written to the 60-year-old Michigan congressman for a financial statement and his tax returns and also has asked the House clerk for campaign contribution and expenditure reports filed by Ford.


25 Years Ago: 1998

With the snip of a ribbon and the lifting of a veil Friday night, a fitting tribute in Lewiston’s field of dreams was put into place.

Three years after the Franklin Pasture Athletic Complex was opened, a wall recognizing those who made it a reality was erected. “It really is a pleasure to see what the hard work of our community has produced for us to enjoy,” said Lewiston Mayor Kaileigh Tara.

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