I have known Paul Beauparlant for nearly 30 years.

He is a 40-plus year veteran teacher and has sports officiating experience. His long tenure as an educator makes him a strong candidate for the Lewiston School Committee.

He has seen changes in administration and technology, and weathered the COVID disruption. His strengths also are his open mindedness to issues that require an understanding of both sides of an issue.

Paul does not have any underlying agendas. He just wants to serve, give back and help our kids and our school system be the best it can be.

As a sports official he handled adversity and conflict resolution — a trait school board members should possess.

Having had a term on this board, he has essential experience.

Paul is ready and competent to do the job. That is because he has always approached his responsibilities with a great work ethic.

Mike McGraw, Lewiston

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