We encourage School Administrative District 44 administrators and teachers to continue tackling the issue of bullying in schools. (And in other districts, too).

One of the frustrating, and incendiary, aspects of school is bullying. Teachers, administrators, parents and students must resist bullying.

But there seems to be no courses on the history of bullying. Here are a few suggestions for support of an anti-bullying program.

Civics and history, of course, with a Maine setting for high school bullying and its consequences, try Richard Russo’s “Empire Falls.”

For the adult political bullying — part of our history — there are the Sen. Joseph McCarthy “hearings” — show trials — during the 1950s, to which our Sen. Margaret Chase Smith courageously helped put a stop.

Then of course, there is international history, perhaps a class featuring the Hitler Youth.

The struggle and encouraging attempts to face down bullying is important in all school situations. We appreciate this work more than can be expressed.

Ronald and Susan Dorman, Bethel

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