We, the board of directors of the First Universalist Church of Auburn, Unitarian Universalist, condemn the recent incidences of antisemitism and Islamophobia that have taken place across the country and around the world.

We express solidarity with our Jewish and Muslim friends who are feeling especially vulnerable at this time.

We reaffirm the hope and life-giving power of our multifaith, multicultural community, as demonstrated by the rabbis, imams, and leaders of other faiths in their expression of unity in response to the recent tragedy in Lewiston.

No one should feel they are unsafe in our society, and certainly not because of who they are, or what their beliefs are.

Today, we recommit ourselves to religious freedom and to a world where all people feel safe and thrive. We celebrate the beauty of religious pluralism in our society and continue to seek the day when we may all live and worship safely, in a peaceful society that includes and extends opportunity to us all.Anne Perron, president;  Rev. Patrick McLaughlin, minister; Linda Greathouse, vice president; David Das, clerk; and Claire Hebert, John Spruill Jr. and Jane Pentheny, members-at-large

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