“Oh what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

Words spoken long ago.

I thought was just a saying then,

But it came to be just so.

A few days ago filled with fun

Laughter filled the halls.


Who knew what evil had begun

Behind some dark dark walls.

There were some suspecting trouble;

Who sounded out a call.

In the midst of all the rubble

Appears never heard at all.


And once let loose in dark of night

The devil worked his plan.

At once the laughter turned to fright.

The evil then began.

Eighteen lives were lost that day

Their laughter heard no more.


I thought I heard someone say

“please God, no more no more”

The souls of saints are laid to rest

Their voices cry aloud.

“Please don’t worry, I’ve done my best.

I’m at peace among God’s heavenly clouds.”

Father Gary Drinkwater, rector at Anglican Church of the Transfiguration, Mechanic Falls

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