100 Years Ago: 1923

F.W. Jackson, chairman of the committee in charge of the annual Auburn fireman’s ball, which is to be given at Auburn Hall this evening and Chief Harry Fogg of the fire department, together with other workers were busy last night decorating and getting the hall in shape for the “big event.”

The Harmony Minstrels will be one of three features and the crowd can dance as long as it wants. Chief Fogg said that the orchestra will be kept playing just as long as the dancers want.

50 Years Ago: 1973

President Nixon’s personal secretary testified today that she never knowingly erased any conversation from one of the subpoenaed White House tapes.

Asked by her attorney, Charles S. Ryan, whether she intended to testify “that you erased any part of the tape,” Rose Mary Woods replied: “No sir, I have never used the word erase because I didn’t know there was anything there to erase.”


Miss Woods stated that she had never heard any conversation on an 18-minute segment obliterated by a hum on one of the tapes. Thus, she said, she cannot say that she erased any conversation.

Her testimony was made in a federal court hearing called to determine the cause of the 18-minute interruption  in a tape of June 30, 1972 conversation between Nixon and H.R. Halderman, then White House chief of staff.

Miss Woods has testified that she might have accidently have caused part of the hum, by pushing the wrong button.

25 Years Ago: 1998

Police officer Tom Poulin knows toys. As he rounds up items for this year’s Blue Christmas party, he is becoming familiar with all varieties of contraptions and gadgets.

There are toys, games and remote controlled cars, Poulin said. It’s a big variety this year.


There are Beanie Babies, puzzles, stuffed animals and items that defy description. There are things that fly, things that bounce and things that wriggle.

As police and fire officials continue to round up toys for the annual party for needy families, who knows what will end up in Santa’s bag of gifts?

On Saturday night police will auction some of the goods as the drive continues to provide needy families with plenty of fun for Christmas.

We do this every year, but this is when it comes to a head, Poulin said, “The auction is the big thing.”

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