Driving a car is serious business. If we mess up, our license to drive will be revoked. Nobody wants dangerous drivers on the road, and rightly so.

Nobody wants dangerous people possessing guns that pose a danger to all of us. Yellow and red flag laws must have teeth if they are going to work. Anyone who signals yellow or red flags must be strictly monitored before reuniting them with their weapons or even ammunition — for life.

Laws don’t mean anything if we are not willing to follow through on serious penalties called for. In this most vicious of crimes, disarm anyone who even dares it.

Make a threat and keep them from acting on their own worst impulses before tragedy strikes again and again and again and . . .

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what drives us to carry on for ourselves and our children. Please let us speak with one voice and agree that yellow and red flags must be enforced in order to keep the Second Amendment in check, and forever remain “hopeful.”

Michael Boom, Lisbon

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